January 22, 2024

🐐RageCast 415: WEAKNESS KILLS - Raging Dissident + How Israel Sensors Your Internet - Komorusan714 + Davos 2024, Financial Reckoning, Lab Leak Propaganda, DEI Insanity - EyesIsWatchin + Logos Revealed - Russ Winter & Giuseppe


It takes a strong constitution of spirit to resist temptation or intimidation. Having a weak spirit opens the door to corruption gaining the upper hand and Canada has had every door and window in the house open wide for decades.

You'll never believe the heat and electricity bill.

Meanwhile, anyone organizing a resistance are slandered as Feds because we all know that victory lies in sitting on the couch shitposting.
The Perfect Triangle #175 - CoHost: Zach - 19 JAN 2024

Fiori Seguin Live in Bromont, Quebec 1979 (COMPLETE HD)... They oviously had problems with betamax cassettes back then. LOL

The Scorpio International Holding Company LLC with Scorpio 2024.01.21

The Scorpio show #15 on RBN.
  Topics include:

           1) More Tunnels and High Strangeness 

           2) Blood Libel Becomes Modern Reality 
           3) Bibi Writes A Book

           4)  Israeli International Crime Syndicate
    Hour 2 Guest: Daryl Wayne - Corporations &
                              Corporate Governance 

Feel free to email Scorpio at drscorpicusmaximus@gmail.com

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