September 25, 2020

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 Hello everyone.

This is just to let you know that I will post the backlog of shows maybe starting tonight or tomorrow Saturday for sure. my apologies to everyone.  An ulcer kept me mostly bedridden for nearly five days and then I had to find a room to stay in while they take care of the asbestos crap. 

I found one today  and the good news is that WIFI is included.

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Dr. Kaufman, Dr. Annie Bukacek, Del Bigtree and Pamela Popper


 Dr. Kaufman Addresses Trafalgar Square Protest

Copy this video before it gets flushed down the Zew-Tubes...


Dr. Annie Bukacek and Richard Sacks

  Medical & Psychological Effects, 
What The Lockdown Is Doing
Dr. Annie Bukacek

Are you getting enough oxygen?

Del Bigtree, producer for The HighWire, performs Oxygen and CO2 tests on his 11 year old son: the CO2 readings go off the scale! 

Masks are destroying the health of ALL citizens throughout the world and here's the Proof!!



Masks, Oxygen and CO2! - Del Bigtree
Mask Tests! Prove toxic for children


Pamela Popper Testing 1-2-3


Testing and More Testing and More Problems

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 One More Time:

Dr. Kaufman Addresses Trafalgar Square Protest



Do you still believe we went to the moon?

Ted & Austin Radio Show

Ted & Austin Radio Show for September 24

Airlines are now begging for restrictions to be lifted.
Hotels are closing .
Theaters are empty.
What is the real state of the economy without stimulus checks?
Louisville explodes officers shot.
Who really was Breonna?
Top Dr attacks the vaccine theory.
Desantis and Judd announce legislation to stop rioters.
Know your state laws on protecting yourself.
Ted reviews new propaganda movie Infidel.
Dark skin reduces the ability to produce D3.

Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for September 25

Today is a show of shows.
It is a must listen Green Show!
Ted does a super simple explanation on the following topics.
Why does Hollywood hate Jesus?
Who are the four Horseman of banking and oil.
Who owns the world?
Why do the world leaders follow the evil one?
What is at the heart of black magic?
What was the meaning of Stanley Kubrick eyes wide shut movie?
Who are the secret societies?
Is the universe made of energy?
What are ancient fertility rituals?
What is The direct connection between Soros and the Rothschilds.
Who were the fallen angels of the Torah?
Why is this important?
Who is Jesus?

ACH (1350) Frosty Wooldridge – Ruminations Of A Baby Boomer – Part 3

In today’s show originally broadcast on September 25 2020, Andy is joined by Frosty Wooldridge, for a show entitled, “Ruminations Of A Baby Boomer: Part 3.”

We discussed: a letter Frosty received from one of his readers; how everything is being blamed on White People in America today; how multiculturalism has been a complete failure; Frosty’s experiences as a volunteer teacher; the consequences of illiteracy; the total degradation of quality and personal responsibility; the upcoming Presidential Election; and many other topics.


US Bullies Kenya, Barbados To Remove Queen As Head Of State

ACH (1349) Nick Griffin – Where We Are Going And Where We Have Been

In today’s show originally broadcast on September 24 2020, Andy is joined by Nick Griffin for a show entitled, “Where We Are Going And Where We Have Been.”

We discussed: some of the highlights from the “DEUS VULT Reconquista Of The West: Handbook For Resisting The Great Replacement” book that is now available; why Australia is being used as a testing ground for what is to come for all of us; the IRA’s Green Book; Nick’s work with the British Freedom Party; the deception of the Two Party System; how Nationalism cannot exist without Christianity; the historic achievements of the British National Party; Nick’s work for Dr. William Pierce and the National Alliance; Don Black’s remarkable contribution to Nationalism; the controversy of Combat 18; the relationship between Sir Oswald Mosley and Arnold Leese; the second lockdown which was utterly inevitable; and many other topics.

ACH (1347) Paul English – The Weaponization Of Language

In today’s show originally broadcast on September 22 2020, Andy is joined by Paul English for a show entitled, “The Weaponization Of Language.” We discussed: the Blankety Blank clip that we played during the show intro segment; the latest BBC demonization of Russia including their banking exposé that fails to mention who owns the banks; Jim Davidson’s recent controversial YouTube video in which he gives his opinions on Black Lives Matter, illegal immigration, and the spread of Covid-19 among Ethnic Communities in the UK; the Coronavirus denier who has banned people wearing masks from entering his tea shop; the Daily Mail’s continual childish name calling of people who won’t accept UK Government propaganda; the UK Government’s response to the petition “Prevent Any Restrictions On Those Who Refuse A Covid-19 Vaccination” which was supported by 141,933 people; why tens of millions of Judeo-Christians worship the State Of Israel; the 220 strong nude photo shoot in Central London; why Chris Langan is the most intelligent person in the world; the astonishing work of Charles Laughton; and many other topics.