June 14, 2020

We Will Continue on the Covid 19

Is The Old Man in a Chair Looking For Trouble?

  • The Musical Box - Genesis Revisited
  •  A Perfect Storm - Vernon Coleman
  • The Road to Social Long Distancing

Questioning the Narrative

In this episode Jonlevi explores a question he found in the comment section. Just one question can send the mind in places we did not expect and in this case inspiring this video. The second half examines rocks and petrified bones and looks at how old the dinosaur may actually be. Finally we examine a possible free energy device any of us could try to make at home.

Special Solari Report: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on the PERP Act & Injection Fraud

A great symbiosis between an expert on the financial system and a medical doctor. This is a must watch video that connects a lot of dots between financial fraud and medical malfeasance.

Riots & Lockdown - Polly The Amazing Contact Tracer

Riots & Lockdown - 4th Generation Warfare
Polly The Amazing Contact Tracer

"Could these protests turned riots and the virus lockdowns
be part of an organized attempt at a revolution or Insurrection?

It looks like we're experiencing 4th Generation warfare
with our enemies exploiting the gray zone." 

Trump is apparently going to "designate" ANTIFA as a terrorist organization."

So what's he going to do? Park submarines outside of Seattle and launch a volley of Tomahawks and cruise missiles at their captured precinct? ISIS was designated as a terrorist organization too! Remember? So
ANTIFA can expect US Army air support for their terrorist operations...Nice.

Speaking of jokers, have you heard the latest news from Q-anon? The God of Eternal Hope & Change, Q, has appeased the mob of faithful believers in the BLOTUS Trumpenstein. Come on down and listen to Angel Wallace spread the Q gospel as we celebrate the executions of pope and queen with a bunch of celebrity inmates waiting their turn at GITMO, Guantanamerica.
  • Jane Tande - Nothing To See Here, Go Back To Sleep!
  •  Spiro Skouras - The Great Reset Plan Revealed

Historic Facts about Slavery and the Sham called BLM