How to upload a torrent at cybersage/concen

1. Make a folder and name it "Torrents"  then put it in a easy access place, like your desk top or wherever. (This will be your torrent directory)

2. Gather up what ever you want to upload and put it in a folder, name it, and put in your torrent directory

NOTE: If it's just a single file like a video or pdf, just put in your torrent directory, as is.

3. Go on cybersage/concen and open up the upload page and type in the name of your torrent, choose a category and add a description (.nfo's are optional)

NOTE: I use utorrent 2.0.4, but all clients follow the same basic method for uploading.

4. Open your client and click "Create new torrent" in the file tab or what ever.
5. Click "Add file" for single files or "Add directory" for a folder.
6. Add your trackers as shown in the pic above and make sure start seeding is checked

NOTE: Here's the tracker list shown above. (just copy and paste em in the box as is)





7. Hit "Create and save as" and a window will pop up.

8. Save it to your desktop

9. Go back to the upload page on cybersage/concen and at the top where it says "Torrent file" hit the "Browse" button and add the .torrent file you saved on the desktop. (you can use that same .torrent file for both sites)

10. Hit upload torrent and your done (You no longer need the .torrent file on the desktop any longer, so delete it or save it some where)

11.  Now let it seed until you get at least 4-5 seeders and thats it.

If you have any problems just give me or zapoper a shout, and we'll fix you up.

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