October 02, 2016

The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt 2016.10.02

Urban Jungle Girl – Lords of the Lost

Kyle speaks to Urban Jungle Girl about the system that is controlling and harming us from conception to grave, all while making a huge profit from our sickness and suffering. Topics include: eugenics vs dysgenics, ultrasounds, vaccines, circumcision, drugging, indoctrination, school, work enslavement, the cost of dying, how we can take our power back as well as fight back, and more.

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Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2016.10.03

James Petras on wholesale vs. retail bombing, Jeremy Rothe-Kushel on Zionists crushing free speech in KC

First segment guest: James Petras, one of the world's leading sociologists, is a contributor to Orlando False Flag: The Clash of Histories. In this interview,  Petras compares "wholesale bombing," and the wholesale destruction of peoples and countries it entails, with the minuscule damage caused by "retail bombing" (like the recent bomb scares in New York and New Jersey).
See his new article: The Politics Of Bombing: Wholesale, Retail And Improvised

Second segment guest: Jeremy Rothe-Kushel is a leading We Are Change activist who was illegally arrested (i.e. kidnapped) on May 9th, 2016 at the Kansas City Public Library for asking a question of a speaker at a public event during the Q&A. A librarian, Steven Woolfolk, was also kidnapped, brutalized, and injured, for telling the Israel-linked "security" goons they shouldn't arrest a library patron for asking a question at a public event.

Below is the write-up Jeremy sent me; also note the Kansas City Star article on Library officials defending him and Steven Woolfolk and the BORDC article on the affair.

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The Covert Report with Susan Lindauer 2016.10.02

Today’s guests are James Perloff, Scott Bennett and Michael Jay Anderson in a rousing conversation about the state of our State, and the tipping point that we’re facing together. We start with the surprising arrest of Michael Jay, who got stopped by police though for all practical purposes he broke no laws. In the days prior to the 2016 election, it’s not only black Americans who experience unexpected encounters with police. From there, conversation shifted to the consequence of refugee resettlement from the families of Syria’s Al Nusra fighters in creating more tensions, more possibilities for false flags, and more justifications for a deeper police state. James Perloff joins us In the second hour, talking about manipulations by Lester Holt in the Presidential debate last week. Hillary’s hand signals. Hillary’s video teleprompter. it’s a lot more than questions not asked about Bill & Hillary’s fabulous fraud in Haiti & “pay to play” schemes at the State Department. Who exactly was that Man who greeted Hillary at the start of the show, and afterwards grabbed papers off Hillary’s podium and surreptitiously passed them back to Lester Holt?? What was that about?? Oh yeah, and the Debate Commission admits Trump’s mic wasn’t working properly. In closing, we ask do the debates matter?? So many Americans recognize the media’s blatant prostitution for Hillary, have they damaged the public’s trust so badly that Hillary’s more likely to lose? We expect the sleazy mud slinging to reach new frenzy in the next weeks. The Establishment’s losing its grip on power over the people. We expect a dirty fight. But yes, my friends, we expect to win.

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Fourth Position # 215 - 2016.10.02



Host: WolfWallStreet/Bob in DC

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