January 15, 2016

Airplanes on a Spherical Earth: Earth Research Challenge.

In about 5 minutes into my presentation all Sphere Earth Theories fall flat. Yes I know that people complain that I make too long of videos, but then I remember that Instagram and SnapChat were created for people who cant read and a popularity contest and have the general public's thought process regress back to picture books with one phrase sentences like in 1st grade Elementary School. Children have a REALLY short attention span.

Its a 35 minute video but if you know me and you've watched some of my videos, you’re going to LEARN A LOT. This is PART 1 of my proofing of engineer Brian Mullens' Data.

SAR 27's You Tube


A View from the Bog

Judaism is Template for Totalitarian NWO

You Think I'm Joking? Do Your Own Research. See How Deep The Judaic Rabbit-Hole Really Goes.
Where does the desire to exploit and enslave others originate?
The book,  Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of 3000 Years by Israel Shahak provides the answer: Judaism is defined by Cabalism, which is Satanism.
Humanity has been inducted into a satanic cult - Cabalist Judaism. "Unknown to most Jews and Gentiles, Judaism is not the Old Testament religion people think it is. Every satanic cult has a cover. Like its manifestations -- Communism, Zionism and Freemasonry-- it is based on the Talmud and Cabala, which seek to supplant God and redefine reality. The Cabala reinterprets and contradicts the Old Testament.  Only the "initiates" are privy to this secret."

No Agenda Episode 790 - "Climate Disobedience" - 2016.01.14

PR; TODAY; Migrants; SOTU; Techno Experts; Agenda 2030; Ministry of Truth; Armageddon; F-Russia; NA-Tech News; War on Vaping; KOCH BROTHERS!; Bank$ters; Thank You Satan, and all your usual listening whilst walking Through The Smoke and stepping Over The Bodies Of Admins Favourites.

The Thursday Show.