April 23, 2015

The Debate - Saudi Invasion of Yemen (April 23rd)


The Traffic Lights Went Out in Amsterdam...You Won't Believe What Happens Next!


False Flag Weekly News with Kevin Barrett and Jim Fetzer 2015.04.23

It’s a False Flag World Out There

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David Duke Show 2015.04.23

Dr. Duke had Professor Kevin MacDonald as his guest for the hour. Dr. Duke started the show by talking about the astounding results of a poll that shows that when American and Israeli interests diverge, most Republicans want the government to pursue Israeli interests. Dr. Duke named the names of the Jewish puppet masters of both the Obama administration and the Jewish Neocon masters of the Republican party.
Professor MacDonald explained that there is a tendency of Jews to infiltrate political movements that they view as having a future. While during the first half of the Twentieth Century Jews congregated in the Democratic Party and leftist political movements, over the past several decades former Trotskyite Jews known as Neocons moved into the Republican Party and have managed to completely bend Republican foreign policy to the interests of Israel while dragging their feet on social policy. He points out that Jewish money and Neocon influence can be reflected in the positions of leading Republicans on issues like massive immigration.

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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.04.23

A continuation of the Paul / James contention

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Holocaust: The jew Lie

*Holocaust Revisionism by Mark R. Elsis

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Wikileaks: Sony emails reveal Hollywood execs work for Israel

It's been known for decades who *really* runs Hollywood and the Media.
Top Hollywood bosses enjoy a strong relationship with the Israeli government and various pro-Israel lobbying groups across the United States, according to a cache of Sony internal emails leaked to Wikileaks and published for the first time last week. The emails reveal a dinner between Sony executives and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; the presenter of American X-Factor chiding actress Natalie Portman aggressively for her views on Israel; meetings between top entertainment chiefs and the Israeli consulate-general; close ties between Sony’s Co-Chairperson and various pro-Israel lobbying groups; and film chiefs planning, in detail, a new documentary about the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe, about which the emails also reflect rising concern.

ICRC warns of a humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen


Israel Launches Initiative to Have Antisemitism Recognized as an International Crime with extradition to Israel

Baker has drafted an international convention calling on the “Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Antisemitism.” The Convention, which is drafted in the manner of classical international anti-terrorism treaties and those for other crimes, will allow countries to cooperate and exchange information with others, in order to extradite those suspected of acts that meet the definition of antisemitism, Israel’s NRG reported in Wednesday.
“We need to set down clear rules on what constitutes antisemitism and to set up international codes to prevent it. We expect that the initiative will be thoroughly discussed among all entities and countries that are engaging antisemitism on a global scale,” said Baker.
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*"Anti-semitic, its a trick we always use it"

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2015.04.22

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