January 19, 2019

Renegade Gets it Wrong

Renegade Broadcasting (The Kyle and Cackle Show) dedicates an entire show to trashing EVERYONE who is posted at Grizzom’s (Mami’s).  Kyle’s co-host (Cackle) casually insinuates that Fetch is a pedophile.  Kyle exhibits clueless understanding of Saudi Arabia, then completely misses the border security/immigration debate.


But hey.  Have a salad.
Shortly after Renegade Broadcasting’s round table on January 12, I began receiving emails from listeners.  “WTF is wrong with Kyle?  He is trashing everyone, including Inside the Eye – Live!”?  I thought to myself, “Hell, WTF?”

I have always thought highly of Kyle and was one of his earliest supporters.  I was one of, and perhaps the main lobbyist behind the scenes for Kyle to get his slot at Oracle Broadcasting.  He has guest hosted Inside the Eye – Live!.  We have reciprocated as guests on each other’s shows, and Inside the Eye – Live! has even run specials on Renegade Broadcasting.

Kyle’s efforts on the “White Man March” was a publicity boon that was followed-on by an exceptional, game changing effort on the “Hellstorm” video.  Hell, even I was excited to see his Hellstorm video go viral, and his interview on Inside the Eye – Live! with Hellstorm author Michael “Tom” Goodrich remains the most listened to “guest” segment on Inside the Eye – Live!

Kyle is a talent, and to say otherwise would be unfair.

But time’s change, and Kyle’s propensity to pillory those who have associated with him is revolting and anyone foolish enough to collaborate with Kyle at this stage of his development do so at their own peril.
The promise of Renegade Broadcasting has been reduced to the Kyle and Cackle Show, providing a steady parade of pedophilia and militant veganism.  It would not surprise if the next hit out of Renegade Broadcasting will be a show on gardening.

I can hear it now.

“Listen up all you Vegan Vikings!  It’s the gardening show with Bob Tuscaloosa!  Today we are going to show you how to grow tomatoes in the shape of a Swastika!  Sieg heil!”  Music fades.

Kyle and the side "kike"

I'm really crying when I think that I can not post your bullshit anymore Kyle. It makes me sad. What brings me back to earth though, is the fact that you two think that you know everything and that all of us are loosers who do not know shit from Shinola. According to the assumption of mini Kyle and extra mini side "kike", we are all morons unless we believe the cult like behavior of the chosen ones. Apparently only mini Kyle and mini "her" know shit from Shinola. We are all morons unless we believe the freaking cult over there. FUCK YOU!

Thom Yorke AKA mini Kyle (vegan too)

Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love (1977) - (Vegan Robin Gibb) Mini Kyle

LIVE: IX Yellow vest protest against Macron’s policies “Paris is ours” (fizzling out my ass)