January 19, 2019

Renegade Gets it Wrong

Renegade Broadcasting (The Kyle and Cackle Show) dedicates an entire show to trashing EVERYONE who is posted at Grizzom’s (Mami’s).  Kyle’s co-host (Cackle) casually insinuates that Fetch is a pedophile.  Kyle exhibits clueless understanding of Saudi Arabia, then completely misses the border security/immigration debate.


But hey.  Have a salad.
Shortly after Renegade Broadcasting’s round table on January 12, I began receiving emails from listeners.  “WTF is wrong with Kyle?  He is trashing everyone, including Inside the Eye – Live!”?  I thought to myself, “Hell, WTF?”

I have always thought highly of Kyle and was one of his earliest supporters.  I was one of, and perhaps the main lobbyist behind the scenes for Kyle to get his slot at Oracle Broadcasting.  He has guest hosted Inside the Eye – Live!.  We have reciprocated as guests on each other’s shows, and Inside the Eye – Live! has even run specials on Renegade Broadcasting.

Kyle’s efforts on the “White Man March” was a publicity boon that was followed-on by an exceptional, game changing effort on the “Hellstorm” video.  Hell, even I was excited to see his Hellstorm video go viral, and his interview on Inside the Eye – Live! with Hellstorm author Michael “Tom” Goodrich remains the most listened to “guest” segment on Inside the Eye – Live!

Kyle is a talent, and to say otherwise would be unfair.

But time’s change, and Kyle’s propensity to pillory those who have associated with him is revolting and anyone foolish enough to collaborate with Kyle at this stage of his development do so at their own peril.
The promise of Renegade Broadcasting has been reduced to the Kyle and Cackle Show, providing a steady parade of pedophilia and militant veganism.  It would not surprise if the next hit out of Renegade Broadcasting will be a show on gardening.

I can hear it now.

“Listen up all you Vegan Vikings!  It’s the gardening show with Bob Tuscaloosa!  Today we are going to show you how to grow tomatoes in the shape of a Swastika!  Sieg heil!”  Music fades.


Panzerfaust said...

Point made and taken.

How bout some shows now please?

Support for Zap and my favorite shows coming soon, have been recovering from a broken back and pelvis.

TheFetch said...

Ouch...best of luck with that.

zapoper said...

Yeah. Sorry to hear that Panzer. Get well soon.

I'm working on the shows now.

Panzerfaust said...

You just saved my Sunday Zap.

Since I'm hypersensitive to opiates (tbh I just don't like them) I'm just tolerating the pain and listening to the shows takes my mind off of it.

TheFetch said...

Heh - lol - so the collective here is slightly less painful to listen to than having to deal with the physical pain?

Zeebra said...

Fetch's article does a nice job articulating the dilemma of us who are mostly on board with a person/platform's views, but who also hold a glimmer of hope over Trump's positive impacts, while these otherwise agreeable voices have nothing but distrust & scorn to lay on Trump. Reminds of the joo stereotype of getting everything they kvetched about wanting, so they greedily miscalculate that further kvetching will yield them still MOAR! "Overreach", IOW.

Zeebra said...

My analogy above re joo overreach via their trademark "never-satisfied-kvetching" reminds of the joo fake news war on Trump, like nothing seen before in my Gen-X lifetime... vs the "right/conservative/nationalist/joo-wise/anti-zio" platforms who also seem preoccupied with "destroying Trump", but from the ostensible right.

As these "Trump critics from the right" are quick to remind, Trump's given izzy everything he promised; he continues their kosher war on terror for Greater Izzy hoax; & he publicly jumps through all their "I luv jooz" hoops required of any pol. Which leaves us asking WHY the joo fake news is so out to destroy him?! It's his "nationalism", of course-- not going with the JWO program there. So they kvetch more loudly than ever, with their 'overreach' unwittingly backfiring & waking up so many new peons.

Would just be nice to hear these "right/etc" alt media platforms who're so vehemently anti-Trump, just show some 'balance' now & then by acknowledging some positive happenings-- IE public's fake-news awareness & newly opened dialog; big social media censorship tyranny; pedogate/human-trafficking progress; key Cultural-Marxist swords/shields being more openly deconstructed & widely rejected than ever.

Not saying there's any Great JP Awakening happening per se; but the above "light bulbs" are pre-req's for the typically joo-programmed Western mind to break free from their "anti-Shlomo-ism is the epitome of EEEVIL!" prison. I dare say, none of us detoxed from that poison overnight.

Tim said...

if kyle was a man he'd appear on brizers or fetch show........................... (if sinny was a woman she'd be gentle)

oded yinon rule from jerusalem via tech

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gqw_zoLvYbA ‘Israel & China | How Did This All Start?’

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGrcUevlTsE ‘Israel’s Close Relationship With China’ ,

israels-dangerous-dalliance-with-china-11547411591 its called spectre………………

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEgpWGQeSBY ‘ Part 1 | The Tel Aviv Moscow New York Axis | Israeli Russian Spying’ ,

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXKGH74Yvic Part 2 | The Tel Aviv Moscow New York Axis | Israeli Russian Spying


Link to saved “Securing Our Interests” Site in PDF https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vecs_VR1iTuR4hj-pZSqiNVKlxQRd7wc/view

“The China Israel Russia Belt & Road Initiative has been planned a long time. To make Israel and Jerusalem the center of the world economy and political and cultural epicenter, replacing the United States.”
“1. How Russia China & Israel work together for the One Belt One Road Project.
2. How Israel steals US technology and passes on to China, Russia and Iran.”


TheFetch said...

Hi Zeeb -

You have hit the entire conundrum on the head (imo). This is what I don't get. So many of us, including these so called "pro-White" advocates (which theoretically places them on the right) have been toiling for years to bring all this awareness to the fore.

I certainly know I have.

Now that our message is literally making it into the main stream discussion (like Trump saying he is a Nationalist, a phrase we use at ITEL), all of these so called "pro-White rightists" want to first, ignore that there are some successes (after a long period where we saw absolutely none or worse), and then go after and want to see destroyed the very political channels bringing about these successes.

Some of my listeners (and story advisors) complain (explain) about people like Kyle to the effect of "What do these people want? What is their plan"?

The truth is we are in a desperate situation. After Trump, at present, there is NOBODY between this dark NWO idea and the people. The Talmudic Cabal needs noone, as it can just buy and put into place ANYONE.

All things are weighted with the scales of Ma'at, as it were, but what is good has to fight and rise to the occasion with the equal passion of that which is working in the shadows for ill - and those who are disparaging what are clearly gains are either clueless and deluded or...enemies within.

Zeebra said...

Tim: re all those izzy/tech links, Renegade had Talpiot-activist Brendon O'Connell on in the past, but AFAIK Brendon & Ren's relationship spoiled at some point, stemming at least in part from Brendon's "anti-racism" & mantra that everyone with a platform who touches White Nationalism/Preservationism, is a spook. Brendon's another character who "doesn't play well with others" stemming from his own hard headed convictions.

Recall Brendon & Adam Green (Know More News YT channel) had partnered for a while last year, doing Talpiot shows. But Brendon seemed to have abandoned Adam; & I never heard the story but Brendon has a vid up calling Adam "flakey." But leave it to Renegade to also turn on Adam, having cast suspicion/doubt on him for... little reason that I heard... basically, "no visible means of support" (Jan 12 show @ 43 mins) therefore, I guess, we can't trust Adam either, in the World According to Kyle/Sinead?!

Zeebra said...

Just rolled by Renegade; guessing Dennis' article was sparked by last night's Ren show?

description: "Kyle and Cackle discuss getting simultaneously banned by Stripe, the shitstorm at Mami’s, muh numbers, folkish freaks, and lots of gardening and cooking tips."


On Sinead, or "Cackle"; her "personality" was too constantly negative/cynical for me long ago. But she did a show with Sofia Smallstorm in 2017 which was quite good, & informative re her youth & current "everyone is sooo stooopid!" adult persona:

"Sinead McCarthy 2/19/17
Sinead McCarthy tells us about her personal experience in a teen-rehabilitation facility, another exploitive industry that few people know about. I learned of Sinead's story here, and invited her to do a podcast. The breaking down of human spirits in this manner is part of a much larger framework of human exploitation that feeds the "solution" industry, destroys families and futures, and ultimately harms all of us. Sinead refers to the film Frozen Angels (see Netflix); see photos here that depict the setting she describes. For Part 1 of the documentary she recently contributed to (about child trafficking, a truly excellent production that Sinead also narrates), click here."

Listen here

Chains said...

Veganism causes mental illness just google ex-vegan and listen to the testimonies. I would be willing to bet that this is what is going on here.

KnownUnknown said...

The thing I like best about Trump is he's exposing both the mainstream lefties and the alt-media righties. Jones is completely destroying himself trying to figure out a way to jump off his own created Trump-wagon. I never once heard Trump say he talks to Alex Jones but Jones used to drop that all the time - so now AJ owns all the sh¡t that never happened.

Renegade is similar, they were all anti-Trump from way back but the problem is all the sh¡t they predicted the "ZOG Emperor" would do didn't happen either - and for their wanting to engage with their Putin hating fellow travellers, the left are still open borders replacement population lunatics.

Rense was exposed re Trump a long time ago - no matter how many times Rense says "Trump told us what we wanted to hear" makes for the months Jeff spent saying insane sh¡t like Donald is a sheer genius without a doubt, and Ivanka was the smartest most elegant woman in the world and she should be president next.

Fuck. All. That. Shit.

Panzerfaust said...

Fetch, who are these women in your intros with the sexy voices? :)

Can you invite Kaminiski on again?

Panzerfaust said...

One more request: Syrian Partisan Girl. David Duke just about fell to pieces when he had her on.

Tim said...

@ zeeb and unknown

yes brendon is an anti racis t leftie with a personality, but thats not the point of the vids for me, he's just doing what a leftie does.

the point of the vids is the info that israel/jews have been detroying the united states starting in the 70's (not talking bout the jewish race war here and the mass immigration, loudenhove kalergi, 1965 immigration act, cultural marxism) with deindustrilisation moving it to china and stealing americas technology and secrets and moving it to israel via B.I.R.D. etc. making pollard look small
(binational industry research and development)

then they sell the secrets and technology to russia china (and iran), so israel is arming americas 'enemies' . all backdoored

this has serious implications also geopolitically showing that china and russia etc are zogged and partners of israel , like the united states who they have slated for destruction? (like germany ww1 who thought it was the jews greatest ally, therefore helping the jews overthrow the tsar)

renegade and brendon muddle this with overly emotional crap (like putin hatin) but the info is important

TheFetch said...


Her name was Mahreen (Mary) Bashir, a Hong Kong born Pakistani with British and Hong Kong residency/citizenship. Her father was the head of the police for Hong Kong during waning days of the British occupation.

He was personally awarded some service recognition from the Queen and the family granted UK citizenship.