April 21, 2022

Final Operation Scorpio on Revolution Radio

The final episode of Operation Scorpio 

(aka 3 hours of hate) on Revolution Radio will be this Saturday April 23rd at 1-4 pm eastern time. 


All of My & Giuseppe's shows will be moving over to SpeakFreeRadio 

The new time for operation Scorpio will be Saturdays from 2-5pm eastern time. 

The Perfect Triangle will air every Friday from 7-9pm eastern.

We are also launching a new show tomorrow 'The Sane Asylum' every Thursday from 7-9pm eastern  &  on Sundays from 10-11 pm eastern

The Sunday show will be simulcast live on Republic Broadcasting Network(after Robert Revolt's show) and Speak Free Radio. 

See the website for details. Please tune in and join in the chat rooms- We will also take callers on a regular basis.