July 26, 2020

ORDO AB COVID - Dr. Horton, Richie Allen & Richie From Boston

Richie from Boston:
"The people are still spellbound."
Dr. Horton on the Richie Allen Show
Directed Energy Weapon Attacks (Stop 007)
 5G Is The Ultimate Directed Energy Weapon System,
Says Particle Physicist
Dr. Horton
Bill Gates: No More School!
RFB is TheBannedOne911

Macron & Butthead Go Up Against Russia & Turkey in Libya

What Was The Question?

2020 The Movie: Cast Interviews

The Duran:
Macron sides with Greece & Cyprus,
WARNS Turkey as Russia moves into Libya

The Future of "Food" - Ice Age Farmer

Rocky Raccoon With His Mask On

"What is food?"
"Creating chicken meat."
"Popping The Bubble of Consumer Expectations"
"Cockroach Milk is the Protein Drink of the future."

Dispatches from the War by Jon Rappoport

The Way of The Warrior - Stefan Verstappen

The Warrior in The Modern Age

The term "Way of the Warrior" is an ancient concept often associated with medieval knights and Samurai. So what relevance would it have in the modern age? Turns out, following the path of a Warrior is the last hope to save our civilization!
The Way of the Warrior
Stefan Verstappen

How They Are Lying to Enslave Us - Vernon Coleman

Dr Vernon Coleman explains how governments are using psychological tricks created by the military to terrify their populations into obedience. He also criticizes a senior British police officer for encouraging people to shame those not wearing masks. And he explains how the United Nations is using Agenda 21 to push us towards a Global Reset. Finally, he provides evidence of a plan to combine all religions into a Global Church.

 Vernon Coleman
The Satanic Wars Have Started
How to Survive in the Lunatic Land of the Coronavirus Hoax

Prof Dolores Cahill Speaks at Time For Change Protest in Dublin

62% of deaths in Ireland were in "care homes", 
the highest rate in Europe...
Yellow Vest Ireland - Computing Forever

Computing Forever recorded this speech at the Time For Change Protest, which took place at Custom House Quay in Dublin on Saturday 25th of July 2020. The event was hosted by Yellow Vest Ireland.