May 05, 2015

The Return of Tyr with Drew 2015.05.05


Tonight I will be talking about the Baltimore race riots, and the Board of Directors “Jewish Manifesto”.

The Return of
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The Debate - Fueling Mideast Instability (May 5th)

Scott Horton 2015.05.04

First interview Gareth Porter

Gareth Porter, an award-winning investigative journalist, discusses his recent articles on why Iran must remain a US enemy and the Israel Lobby’s push for nuclear deal-killing inspections in Iran.

Second interview Philip Giraldi

Philip Giraldi, executive director of The Council for the National Interest,

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NAM Podcast Episode 8 - 2015.05.03

Kevin Barrett on Charlie Hebdo and False Flags

On this episode of the Non-Aligned Media podcast I spoke with Dr. Kevin Barrett, an Islamic scholar, radio host, author and fearless researcher who has written a series of books on false flag terrorism and government deception with a keen focus on the synthetic terror of 9/11. Read more @ NAM

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David Duke Show 2015.05.05

Dr. Duke broadcasts the show from Mexico. He brings on as his first guest Lady Michele Renouf from Great Britain. They discuss the international conference that they attended which featured the work of Dr. Salvador Borrego, the author of “Defeat of the World.” The 100-year-old Borrego addressed the conference, and argued that the defeat of Germany in WWII represented a defeat of the whole world, as it gave half of Europe to the Bolsheviks. He contended that Churchill bombed German civilian areas specifically in order to provoke a reprisal from Hitler that would serve to unite Britain in an anti-German war effort.
Fernando Cortes, a Mexican nationalist activist, joined the show voiced appreciation for European American patriots. He contends that massive migration from Mexico to America is poisonous to both societies. He explained that emigration represents the abandonment of Mexico by so many able-bodied workers who would be much more valuable to their motherland if they stayed and worked to build a better future. He indicated that it creates an atmosphere of defeatism within the Mexican people, leading them to believe that the only path to success leads across the Rio Grande. He said that the governments of both countries are complicit in this massive demographic transformation that is occurring on the North American continent.
Dr. Duke voiced his amazement at the level of appreciation shown at the conference by Mexicans and other Latin Americans for the situation of Europeans and people of European descent in the United States. He said that people in Latin America who are aware of the Zionist threat to all the peoples of the world should be the allies of American patriots, emphasizing that we don’t have to live together in order to work together for a brighter, freer future.
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Charlie Hebdo false flag RT news interview
*More information links here

‘French Patriot Act’ latest post-Charlie Hebdo hysteria

***See Video Here***
*Charlie Hebdo Shooting: Signs of a False Flag

R.I.P. Otto - Killed by Wyckoff, NJ Police

Otto was shot four times and died on 4/29/15, when Wyckoff, NJ Police Department responded to the wrong address to take a report of a property damage on a neighbor's house.
 The officer entered the backyard of the incorrect home and became startled when Otto entered the yard barking, causing him to fire four shots, hitting the dog twice.
 The police have tried to cover-up this act of negligence as self-defense against an "attack" during an investigation of a "burglary" - witnesses and evidence prove otherwise.     ***Read full post here***