July 01, 2017

Dennis Fetcho, Inside the Eye - Live! 2017.07.01

Dennis Fetcho, aka "The Fetch", is an American ex-patriot living in Amman, Jordan.  He is the author of the Illuminatus Observor, a blog regarded by many as simply the finest Hermetic Qaballa blog in all of blogdom. The Fetch also has a second site called "Inside The Eye - Live!" 

Hour 1 - Updates on GCC-Qatar Crisis
Hour 2 - NGO’s Flood a Sovereign-less Europe
Hour 3 Media Misrepresentations

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Email: thefetch@yahoo.com
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Usury: A Cancer to the World

Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2017.07.01

Guido Preparata on Conjuring Hitler

Guido Giacomo Preparata joins Our Interesting Times to discuss his book Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America made the Third Reich. We talk about how Great Britain fomented two world wars to prevent an alliance forming between Germany and Russia and how the rise of National Socialism in Germany was not an aberration or accident of history but the result of Anglo-American financial support and intrigue.

Guido Giacomo Preparata has been an Associate Professor of Political Economy at the University of Washington. He completed his PhD in Political Economy and Economic History at the University of Southern California in 1998. He is the author several books including The Ideology of Tyranny and New Directions for Catholic Social and Political Research. His website is guidopreparata.com.

Timothy's Podcast


Saturday Alternative Cartoons 2017.07.01

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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2017.06.30

Jeff Rense is an American anti-New World Order activist. He hosts a website at Rense.com and is the radio talk-show host of the Jeff Rense Program. His show broadcasts on internet radio. The website and show often discuss topics such as 9/11, World War II revisionism, Zionism, contemporary geopolitical developments, alternative medicines and some more eccentric aspects such as Ufology.

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Clark McClelland - Ex NASA Engineer On The State Of Our Space Program

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Blake Sawyer - Black On White Rapes, Crimes Exploding

Hour 3 - Encore

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Rense's site

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