Thursday, April 5, 2012

The National Intel Report with John Stadtmiller 2012.04.05

John opens the phones to discuss the issues the U.S. faces when it comes to agency rule over the government, the presidential run, and calls on various subjects leading to the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto.

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On Being with host Krista Tippett 2012.03.01

Uncovering the Codes for Reality

Physicist James Gates reveals why string theory stretches our imaginations about the nature of reality. Are we in the matrix? Also, how failure makes us more complete, and imagination makes us more knowledgeable.

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No Agenda Show for Thursday April 5st 2012 " Wiggin' Out "

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The Jack Blood Show 2012.04.04

Wednesday - Rise Up and Shine with Jack Blood. Get the latest news and analysis you won't find anywhere else. No Guests. News, info, opinions, and phone calls.

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Project Camelot 2012.04.04

Host: Kerry Cassidy
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Kerry's very special guest tonight was Mel Fabregas host of Veritas Radio

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Mike Rivero - What Really Happened 2012.04.05

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Spingola Speaks 2012.04.05

Guest: Dr. James Petras then Walter Brasch

In the first hour, author Dr. James Petras talked about his latest article, The Massacre of the Afghan 17 and the Obama Cover-Up.

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In the second hour, Dr. Walter M. Brasch, author of numerous books, talked about his latest book, Before the First Snow: Stories from the Revolution and about fracking in Pennsylvania.

His web sites are:

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C2C - 2012.04.02

Mars, Ancient Life, & 'John Carter'

Date: 04-02-12
Host: George Noory
Guests: Richard C. Hoagland, Cal Orey
Richard C. Hoagland presented his contention that the success of the new movie John Carter [of Mars] is being deliberately sabotaged by a "cabal" that is against the public learning the truth about Mars' ancient civilization and technology. Based on a 1912 Edgar Rice Burroughs novel, the movie's depiction of Barsoom (Mars) correlates with NASA's data on the actual ancient ruins of Mars, he said, adding that Burroughs placed the capitol city in the same geographic location as Cydonia.
Hoagland, who is planning a new book to be titled The Heritage of Mars: Remembering Forever, believes that Mars' civilization suffered from a huge cosmic war that brought about its end. Elements of a secret, suppressed technology that could be used for either regeneration or destruction are shown or alluded to in John Carter, he noted.
He also talked about issues concerning America's current space program, and reacted to Robert Zubrin's editorial which is critical of the Obama administration's lack of funding for Mars exploration. The new rover, Curiosity, which is due to land on Mars in around 4 months, may return atmospheric data supporting the presence of microbes, as well as photos of artifacts, Hoagland suggested. Though the White House is cancelling robotic missions to Mars, it's possible they may yet push for manned missions to the Red Planet, especially if Russia and/or China start planning to do so, he commented.

Quakes & Strange Sounds

First hour guest, author and earthquake sensitive Cal Orey talked about the connection between quakes and the strange sounds people have been hearing. She believes the sounds are not man-made but "an act of nature without explanation." Orey intuits that the sounds could be heralding a huge earth event such as a pole shift that will make something like the Japanese quake/tsunami seem small by comparison.

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C2C - 2012.04.04

Remote Viewing Experiments

Date: 04-04-12
Host: George Noory
Guests: Russell Targ, Von Braschler
Writer and physicist Russell Targ discussed his involvement in creating the Remote Viewing program at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) during the Cold War, as well as various remote viewing applications and experiments. After two decades of research at SRI, they demonstrated that ordinary people visiting their laboratory could learn to accurately describe and experience what was going on at distant places, and that in fact, with practice most people can learn to "remote view."
After learning the skill from psychic Ingo Swann, he and Hal Puthoff trained a team of Army Intelligence officers in the 1970s, and under a classified program, they were given directives by the CIA to find and gather information on operational targets, particularly about the Soviets. They also looked at the Chinese, atomic bomb tests, and the American hostages in Iran. Interestingly, during this time the Russians were interested in remote behavior modification, such as getting an American leader to misspeak, but it was unknown how successful they were in that regard, he reported. While providing their findings to the government who was funding the program, Targ was also able to publish his research about the validity of ESP in peer journals, though at the time they had to keep the military involvement a secret.
A remote viewing experiment was conducted by Targ on the air. He placed an object behind him on a chair, and asked listeners to sketch what they saw in their mind on paper, without being analytical or naming it at first. It turned out to be a globe of the world placed on a tall, conical wooden pedestal, and several people emailed somewhat accurate descriptions of it before Russell announced what it was.

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David Duke Show 2012.04.05

Today: Dr. Duke and Dr. James Thring of the UK discuss the latest in the efforts of the Zionists to spawn a catastrophic war in the Mideast. An analysis of the Gunther Grass of Germany. Finally, a famous, Nobel-prize-winning German speaks out about craven pro-Zionist German subservience endangering Germany and the entire world. Also Dr. Thring points out the Jewish media support for the Jewish State while attempting to destroy European nations harmony and heritage.


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The Unsolicited Opinion with Maggie Roddin 2012.04.02

Guests: Mark Baker and Ronald MacDonald

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Insane Michigan government announces plan to destroy ranch livestock based on hair color and arrest hundreds of ranchers as felons.   Link

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2012.04.04

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