August 06, 2013

Penn&Teller B.S. rebuttal

9/11 Analysis

Spingola Speaks 2013.08.06

Guest: Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom talks about the British Intelligence decrypts from WW2

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FBI pressures Internet providers to install surveillance software

The U.S. government is quietly pressuring telecommunications providers to install eavesdropping technology deep inside companies' internal networks to facilitate surveillance efforts.
FBI officials have been sparring with carriers, a process that has on occasion included threats of contempt of court, in a bid to deploy government-provided software capable of intercepting and analyzing entire communications streams. The FBI's legal position during these discussions is that the software's real-time interception of metadata is authorized under the Patriot Act.

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The Blitzkrieg Broadcast with Kyle Hunt 2013.08.05

Kyle deals with our current world of mental and economic bondage. Topics include: educating human automatons, the working wage slave, government enforced corporate monopolies, the jewish twins of Capitalism & Communism, whore politicians, genocidal immigration policies, the cost of “free” trade, sacking our treasonous leaders, and seizing power. Vae victis

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David Duke Show 2013.08.06

Today: Dr. Slattery filled in for Dr. Duke. He spoke about how all people should be free, and how all peoples around the world should support the liberation of the European people from their Zionist rulers. He pointed out that Zionist supremacists are trying to ride to world domination on the back of the "zombie corpse of the European people." The traditionally white countries of North America and Europe have been taken over by Zionists, who are using the militaries and financial resources of these countries to fight Ziowars and bolster the military position of Israel, while at the same time turning whites into minorities in these same countries. Meanwhile, white elites have increasingly adopted Zionist priorities and are no longer doing their own thinking. The hope is that by raising suppressed topics like the Jewish role in the Bolshevik genocide against Ukrainian and Russian Christians, as Dr. Duke does with "The Secret Behind Communism," the European peoples will wake up in time to throw off the Zionist yoke. A very thought provoking show!

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The Heretics' Hour 2013.08.05

Carolyn starts out by questioning “Karl Radl” as a person of integrity when it comes to his research on Jews, and goes on to question whether homosexuals can ever be a plus in a pro-White People’s movement. Some highlights:
  • There cannot be any truly scholarly work done on Hitler because the academic and political worlds must view him as evil from the start;
  • Karl Radl’s debunking of alleged occultism behind the Third Reich could have been taken from William Grimstad’s much earlier review (published at of Goodrick-Clarke’s 1985 book The Occult Roots of Nazism;
  • In today’s White Nationalism there is no role for women, and who is responsible for that;
  • Letter from a concerned White woman about what she reads on the internet by White Nationalists;
  • Counter-Currents loses its managing editor and webmaster;
  • Do physical cowardice and hiding one’s identity hold back the White Racial movement;
  • William Finck exposes Christian Identity Pastor Eli James as a Jew named Joseph November.
Image: Hitler greets a Christian Bishop amidst Nat-Soc symbols.

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NASA, 9/11 and the Illuminati, Beyond the Conspiracy Theory

In 2001, the world shivered as two hulking towers that represented the power and magnificence of America’s financial core – simply collapsed. From sea to sea, horror became intensified as the world turned its eyes to Washington for response. The questions surrounding the events remained minimal, until the war resulted in millions of young Americans coming home without limbs and dying. It was a brutal and ugly war that continues to stigmatize the world. As the coming 12 year anniversary approaches, more questions are coming to the surface. The tie of government conspiracy theory stem to the NASA, the Illuminati and the portrayed cover-up of 9/11. A sickness grows inside for many Americans – bitterness slithered from other countries as the questions build and few answers are revealed; a force that covers inside jobs, affiliated sources and expands even into the entertainment industry. 

I sat down with a local source,a life-long Clevelander who was driving on Interstate 480 during the fateful day of 9/11. This source states his need to learn more after he witnessed troubling events that called into question the level of honesty revealed by the government. Since that day, he has made it his mission to correspond the events with research connecting NASA, 9/11 and the Illuminati together. Here is his story:

After the second tower fell I drove home from my friend’s house. I was driving down I-480 west that runs adjacent to Hopkins international airport as I have for the past 15 years. The same highway that Presidential arrivals created a  shutdown on their way to and from Hopkins. I see a plane at the far corner of the tarmac where I’ve never ever even seen airplanes even so much as taxi, nearest the highway and furthest from the airport.
I thought to myself, wow must be another one hijacked (airliner). I get home and the mayor at the time Mike White is on the local news talking about how flight 93 has landed at Hopkins and being detained by SWAT yada yada. They held the people on the plane for 2 and a half hours until “federal authorities” arrived. They offloaded all passengers from flight 93 then loaded them onto a couple of tinted window shuttle buses. They were taken over to NASA space center which is right next door to Hopkins to be “debriefed”.
Interesting enough to say the least but here’s where it gets quirky. Mike White recants his statement that it was not flight 93. Okay, fine swell yet… Not one passenger was interviewed or the incident even talked about after that. Peculiar when the area that 93 supposedly crashed had not a single body part. So you ask yourself … where did those people go? Why were they debriefed if it wasn’t flight 93? Why were they never interviewed later or ever heard from again?
Let me move on, a childhood friend of mine in high school told me how his father who worked at NASA, spoke about the subterranean elevator that went down some one hundred stories. So now that starts putting pieces together from this secretive construct that are infamously known as the Illuminati.

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Greta: What Congress just did ‘will make you want to throw up’

Fox News host Greta Van Susteren

MSM finally cottoning onto how screwed the US public will be by Obamacare?
When the actions of the federal government succeed in riling up the normally stoic Fox News host Greta Van Susteren, you can be sure that something sinister is afoot.
And she is so ticked by the current reign of lawlessness she could just vomit!
As elected officials slipped out of town for a 5-week recess, we learned a deal was struck to exempt Congress from new higher premiums associated with ObamaCare.  (

Cracking The Cult Of The Constitution

A three-part essay by: Clint Richardson

Introduction: The following essay series will be very challenging and controversial for all who read. It is not that the information itself is actually controversial. Instead, the difficulty for most readers is in searching the soul and personally recognizing that the true controversy lies within the individual; a battle of cognitive dissonance where the ego continuously clashes with the true and reasonable self – the natural being grasping for truth. It is a fight between our indoctrinated beliefs and the hard facts and realities that challenge them, causing emotional barriers and fallacy which unhappily overcome comprehension, logic, and reason.

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AIPAC Promotes War on Iran

Jews control the US Government. This organisation proves it.
 AIPAC's a blight on humanity. It's an unregistered foreign agent. It operates illegally. It does so destructively. It promotes war. It deplores peace. It represents the worst of Israeli interests.
It controls US administrations and Congress. Edward Said called it "the most powerful and feared lobby in Washington."   (

The Discovery of a New Element

Wish i'd paid more attention at School...
Scientists at CERN in Geneva have announced the discovery of the heaviest element yet known to science. The new element Governmentium (Gv). It has one neutron, 25 assistant neutrons, 88 deputy neutrons and 198 assistant deputy neutrons giving it an atomic mass of 312. These 312 particles are held together by forces called morons which are surrounded by vast quantities of right-on-like particles called peons.   (

Blacklisted Radio Podcast Interview w/ Mike Vail - 2013.08.05

Blacklisted Radio Podcast Interview w/ Mike Vail - 8.5.2013 In this podcast, we talk to Mike Vail of about the NSA, JTTF, DHS, IRS, FBI's lawlessness, collusion, and literal creation of Skynet. Tons of topics from the Milplex pivot to the U.S. Border, to the latest in the security centric police state.

Fighting Al Qaeda by Supporting Al Qaeda in Syria: The Obama Administration is a “State Sponsor of Terrorism”

Barack Obama and John Kerry: Are They "Terror Suspects"? 


While Barack Obama, following in the footsteps of  George W. Bush, remains firmly committed to waging a “Global War on Terrorism” (GWOT), his administration is now openly supporting selected rebel units in Syria which are part of the Al Qaeda network.

Known and documented, Al Qaeda is a creation of the CIA, which has covertly supported the “Islamic Terror Network” since the heyday of the Soviet Afghan war.
While Al Qaeda is a US sponsored “intelligence asset”, a “New Normal” has been established.
An Al Qaeda affiliated organization, namely Syria’s Al Nusrah, is being supported “overtly” by the US President, rather than “covertly” by the CIA.

***Read article at Global Research*** 

It’s Official, Everyone Is Now A Terrorist According to The US Government

And I can show you how literally 100% of the population can be classified as a terrorist under the truly outrageous Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and FBI characteristics that define a terrorist or terrorist activity. These broad qualifications of ‘terrorism’ that have spawned a new wave of absolute paranoia within the population regarding their fellow citizens, who the nightly news says may be sleeper cell terrorists.

                   ***Read article at Storyleak***

Interview With a Syrian Soldier - "We're fighting for the whole world"
A Syrian soldier Sam talks to me about what he is believes he is fighting for. "We're fighting for the whole world against Imperialism", "AlQaeda is run by the US", "this is not a sectarian war", "This is not about defending one man (Assad) this is about defending the country". As well as updates on Aleppo and his experience in fighting in Qusayr.

Jewish Directed Iran Sanctions Backfire

Do you mind if we store your DNA data and share it with everybody?

If it's happening in EU, it'll happen in USA...

Helen Wallace, writing at Public Service Europe—“UK Building DNA database in the NHS ‘by stealth’:
“In April, the Caldicott Committee, including British government chief scientist Sir Mark Walport proposed new rules for data-sharing electronic medical records. What they failed to make transparent is that genetic information including whole genomes will be integrated into medical records in the future – as part of a plan proposed by the Wellcome Trust, of which Walport used to be director.

German minister proposes banning US companies that participate in US spying activities from doing business in the EU


In an interview with Die Welt, the liberal Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger called for the creation of EU-wide rules to regulate the protection of information, and said that, once those rules are in place, "United States companies that don't abide by these standards should be denied doing business in the European market."  (refreshingnews)

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2013.08.05

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Terry Arnold - Snowden, Russia - A New 'Cold War'?

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Jim Marrs - The View From Marrs

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Michael Collins - Fukushima Radiation Spreading Faster - Yoichi Shimatsu - Fukushima - An Extinction Event?

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