July 27, 2014

The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt 2014.07.27

The Nordic World Order

Kyle speaks with Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Creations about his experiences growing up in Sweden, the “Nordic model” of socialism, multiculturalism and the war against White people, a history of lies, disinformation and misinformation in the alternative media, the power of paganism, and much more!

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Spingola Speaks 2014.07.27

Guest: 7/27: 2-3: Art from Philly; 3-4: Suzanne Humphries, MD., Roman Bystrianyk, authors of Dissolving Illusions, Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History; 4-5: Keith Johnson talks about his recent "debate" with Wolfgang Halbig

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No Agenda Episode 638 - "Parliment Update" - 2014.07.27

Fuck The EU; Israel / Palestine; F-Russia / Ukraine / Syria; Deutschland Blitzkrieg!; SDR; Caliphate!; Chiner$; Ottomania; Agenda 21; SnowJob; Obama Nation; Ministry of Truth; Vaccine$; Bank$ters; Shut Up Slave!; Monsanto; NA-Tech; EUROLand, and all your usual listening whilst sitting on the crapper because of Dysentery favourites.

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Worst American Governor Pat Quinn Urges Obama to Bring all Illegals to Illinois

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has a great idea. He wants Obama to bring all the illegals to Illinois! In a state that sits at the bottom of every metric that makes a successful state–rampant unemployment, lowest job creation, highest debt, biggest pension crisis, worst business climate–Pat Quinn wants to import thousands of people who have no jobs and no prospects for one, people with no education, and people possibly full of diseases right here to the Land of Lincoln.

On Friday evening after the news day was done, Quinn announced that he is prepared to give as many illegals as Obama can spare a place to stay in Illinois.

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Ohio Sheriff Bills Mexico for Illegals in His Jail – FBI Warns Him Mexican Drug Cartels Will Kill Him

Ohio Sheriff Richard Jones had a unique idea to help with the cost of illegal aliens, who had committed crimes, currently taking up space in his jail. He sent a letter to Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto charging him for the cost of each illegal alien housed in his jail.  In response to Jones’ letter, the federal government sent him a letter stating he had violated “a treaty of like, 1790.”

In an appearance on BlazeTV’s “Dana,” the Butler County Sheriff told Dana Loesch the details.

“I sent him a bill for the prisoners that are in my jail. They came here illegally. I’ve not gotten any money from them, but I billed them so much. And, I’ll tell you what I got in return, my life was threatened.”

Jones said he got a call from the FBI saying there were three sheriffs in the country that were going to be killed by the drug cartels, and he was one of the three.

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Post-WW1 jewish Communism In Germany

*Judeo Bolshevism Discovered
*The holocaust 

The Amoricans and their leading enforcers have become completely insane!

True History of America Part 3 (1939-2012): The Real Dream vs. the False Truth

In 1937, Ferdinand Lundberg published a work called America’s 60 Families based on years of tax records back to 1924, investigating the super-rich and many of these Dutch families from New York in which he quoted:

"The United States is owned and dominated today by a hierarchy of its sixty richest families, buttressed by no more than ninety families of lesser wealth... These families are the living center of the modern industrial oligarchy which dominates the United States, functioning discreetly under a de jure democratic form of government behind which a de facto government, absolutist and plutocratic in its lineaments, has gradually taken form since the Civil War. This de facto government is actually the government of the United States -- informal, invisible, shadowy. It is the government of money in a dollar democracy."

You have probably heard of many of the names such as Astor, Du Pont, Vanderbilt, Sulzberger, Van Eeghen, Roosevelt, Guggenheim, Gettys, Schiff, Dulles, Warburg, Blumenthal, Rosenwald and many others including those enforcer families welcomed into the fold such as the Rockefellers, the Morgans and the Bushes.

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True History of America -Part 1 (1666-1840): The Curse against the Patriots
True History of America Part 2 (1840-1939): The False God of Perpetual War


It Turns Out Hamas Didn’t Kidnap and Kill the 3 Israeli Teens After All

When the bodies of three Israeli teenagers, kidnapped in the West Bank, were found late last month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not mince words. "Hamas is responsible, and Hamas will pay," he said, initiating a campaign that eventually escalated into the present conflict in the region.
But now, officials admit the kidnappings were not Hamas's handiwork after all. 
Writing for Al Jazeera, Musa al-Gharbi argued that Israel was deliberately provoking Hamas:
All the illegal and immoral actions related to Operation Brother’s Keeper were justified under the premise of finding and saving the missing teens whom the Israeli government knew to be dead — cynically exploiting the tragedy to whip up public outcry in order to provoke and then confront Hamas. This pattern of deception continues under the ongoing military offensive in Gaza. For example, last week in collaboration with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi and Abbas, in its efforts to alienate Hamas, Israel announced a bad-faith cease-fire proposal, which Hamas was not consulted on and never agreed to but whose violation supposedly justified Israel’s expansion and intensification of the military campaign into Gaza.
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*Also see this information about Israel and Hamas

Neo-con zionist Israel lover, Sean Hannity, gets taken to the woodshed over Palestine

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*Some very important information for Sean

Blacklisted Radio - 2014.07.26

Blacklisted News Radio is hosted by Doug Owen.

In this weeks edition of Blacklisted Radio we cover the ongoing events and destabilization that is happening in Gaza and the Ukraine. We also cover the extensive surveillance state that has been recently revealed to the US public. Topics: Israel, State dept, Stingray, GHCQ, Cyber War Council, Keith Alexander, NSA, Michael Chertoff, securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, to just a few.