July 27, 2014

The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt 2014.07.27

The Nordic World Order

Kyle speaks with Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Creations about his experiences growing up in Sweden, the “Nordic model” of socialism, multiculturalism and the war against White people, a history of lies, disinformation and misinformation in the alternative media, the power of paganism, and much more!

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BnC said...

Excellent show!

Anonymous said...

Important Spam: NASA scientists give telling press conference totally bullshitting the public and admitting it.


Anonymous said...

At 1h22m, Henrik said:

"these Zionist Jews who are seeking the demise of our culture and heritage in Europe."

Well said, Henrik. You won't hear that on Alex Jones or Coast to Coast AM, ever. As I've said before, this underscores the importance of organic media, and why controlled opposition figures like Alex Jones were put out there so they would never go off the reservation and eventually realize or decide the benefits outweighed the risks, in exposing what Henrik has said he has recently realized is the biggest conspiracy of all right now, of the deliberate targeting, marginalization, and I daresay genocide, of the White European race, of which prominent Jews are playing a leading role.

Unknown said...

Henrik seems legit in this presentation. Hopefully with this awakening he has just had. He will distance himself from the Gordon Duffs, Icke's etc. In the dis-info circles.

And focus on what is the real reason all those dis-info agents exist. Hiding the agenda of White/European extinction and those carrying this agenda out.

This was a solid interview.

Anonymous said...

Given his remarks at the end of his recent appearance on Kyle Hunt's show, I don't think he's likely to have Gordon Duff on again anytime soon, if at all, thankfully.

Icke has already been interviewed recently, and is the next one to be posted, unfortunately.

However, Icke barely mentioned his holographic projection crap, and mostly talked about "Rothschild Zionism." I agree that he shouldn't be interviewed again, since everything he says will always be associated with his talk of reptilians.

Anonymous said...

Great Show. Kyle did an excellent job (I enjoy Henrik's shows).

However, I also listened to the Jay Weidner interview (which had some good points) but overall it was just a big left vs right mindfuck.