July 01, 2020

Fucking Morons

I'm even more of a recluse than I used to be. Who the fuck wants to go outside when you see people preferring to jump in to traffic instead of walking by you on the sidewalk?

The retardation of people is showing and it is flagrant now. One of my neighbors thinks that I'm going through a depression. Of course I am depressed Sherlock, who wouldn't be when surrounded by complete idiots? The amount of stupidity is astonishing.

I was talking to a couple of cobblers that own a business on the next street from where I live. They nearly lost it on this first wave of COVID bullshit. She had tears in her eyes. They obviously will lose it on the second wave but I didn't have the heart to tell them. They probably wouldn't have even believed me anyway.

No good reason for all this.

What a fucking hellhole this planet is with the jews in charge!

The sin of whiteness, repent and atone.

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