April 07, 2020

Scorpio's Conspiracy Show 2020.04.04

Scorpio Show # 8 on Rev.radio

Topics Include:

1) High Budget B Grade Movie: World Premier
2) Don't Trust Your Lying Eyes: Psychology, Iconic Imagery & Emotion
3) You Mine 16 Tons And What Do You Get?....
4) Guest Ogster 

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Radio Free South Africa with host Schalk van der Merwe 2020.04.07

Updates On The South Africa Situation (Covid-19)

Guests, Nick Griffin and Jason Bartlett

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Radio Free South Africa

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Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2020.04.07

Andy Nowicki on the CV-19 Panic

Andy Nowicki returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss the COVID-19 panic.

Andy is the author of several books including Conspiracy, Compliance, Control & Defiance: a primer on what is, and what is to be done and the assistant editor of Affirmative Right. His website is altrightnovelist.com.

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The David Duke Show 2020.04.07

Dr. David Ernest Duke (born 1 July 1950) is a European American best known as an advocate for the rights of Europeans in the United States and around the world as well as criticisms of Jewish supremacism. Duke has been a prolific author, politician and media personality whose works have reached very large audiences. Consequently he has often been attacked and misrepresented in various ways.

Today: Dr Duke and Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

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The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show 1227 - 2020.04.07

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock (born ca. 1973) is the author of the widely imitated and hugely influential modern historical work, "The Synagogue of Satan", which has been translated into numerous languages and featured on bestseller lists worldwide. His second book is entitled "In The Name of Yahweh". "The Synagogue Of Satan," was an education in who controls the world and how they do it, "In The Name Of Yahweh," shows us why they are in control, and how their control can be broken.

Paul English And Mallificus Sentius – What Is Really Going On?

Info Page

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock.com
The Synagogue Of Satan.com


They are trying their best to terrorize you LOL

The new "customer" and cashier experience. A page from the Stanford Prison Experiment? :)

Are we prisoners going to be kept in line by our friendly neighborhood grocer? LOL

God help us if our grocers start wearing mirror shades LOL

Reasons. Notice of Seizure Under Clause 61 Magna Carta Lawful Rebellion

David Icke's Explosive Interview With London Real #2

They say died "with" covid19 not of.

Bad Trip Report: What I Saw

               Is Jay Dyer stoned while doing this video? It seems like he's explaining a bad trip after just having a bad trip. The signs are there. Look at his eyes lol

The Realist Report with John Friend 2020.04.05

Russ Winter: COVID-19 Scam

The Realist Report.com


Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2020.04.06

Jeff Rense is an American anti-New World Order activist. He hosts a website at Rense.com and is the radio talk-show host of the Jeff Rense Program. His show broadcasts on internet radio. The website and show often discuss topics such as 9/11, World War II revisionism, Zionism, contemporary geopolitical developments, alternative medicines and some more eccentric aspects such as Ufology.

Download Hour 1 - Donald Jeffries  - Pandemic Politics Are Costing Lives

Download Hour 2 - Mitchell Henderson  - The BioAttack By China On The World Economy And How Successful It Has Been

Download Hour 3 - Dr. Henry Niman PhD  - Nightly Coronavirus Report

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