December 08, 2013

No Agenda - NA-572 - 2013-12-08

Agenda 21: Chinas:Hillary 2016: Nukes: Slave Training & other topics

Run Chinas Run!


Ye Shall Know the Truth: 101 Books American Nationalists Need to Read and Understand Before 'They' Burn Them - 12 Part Series

Dave Gahary speaks with the Michael Collins Piper to discuss his book: Ye Shall Know the Truth: 101 Books American Nationalists Need to Read and Understand Before 'They' Burn Them.

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Mandela's Legacy, Eurozone Woes - Geneva Business Insider

Repeal ObamaCare Impeach Obama

A Man Summerizes All Conspiracy

Thanks Theding

Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn Yeager 12/7/2013

The Problem With “Nice”

Mike Delaney's Prothink Radio Show 12-5-2013

Roberts, Anglin, and Delaney discuss recent events surrounding the John Friend 9/11 no planes debate. 
Prothink's audio archive
9/11 - Missing Links
9/11:Israel did it
Israel-Mossad Banned News Report
Israeli involvement in the 9/11 magic show


Is Germany the Ultimate ‘Rogue Nation’?

A TBR review of the new book The Myth of German Villainy

While everyone today “knows”—having been told so repeatedly—that Germany under Adolf Hitler was the big, bad bully who started World War II, few remember (if they ever knew it in the first place) that the same people who decided Germany was guilty of causing the Second World War had also declared that Germany was responsible for provoking the First World War. However, in The Myth of German Villainy the author skillfully dissects a remarkable and complex conglomeration of diplomatic intrigue and global power politics at its highest and lowest order. He demonstrates, beyond any question, that Germany was the real victim of both World War I and World War II. Rather than being the instigator of war, Germany was instead the target of British aggression, precisely because the “new Germany” that arose under Hitler stood in direct challenge to the aims of imperial Britain, which had for all intents and purposes emerged as the global arm of the would-be world empire of the Rothschild banking family based in the City of London. It’s all about money. And if you follow the money, it will take you right back to the international intrigues of the Rothschilds and their propagandists in the controlled media who have done so much to stilt the truths about history that Benton L. Bradberry bends back into reality.
***Read full review at American Free Press***

The Doomcast 19 - 2013.12.07

Doom on a Saturday? Weird!

Doomcast 19 is a discussion on Nelson Mandela's legacy, the Sandy Hook 9/11 tapes, and take a look at the latest news stories that are shameful examples of political correctness run amok, and the war on Christmas.