December 30, 2012

Truth Militia Radio 2012.12.30

On this episode of Truth Militia Radio, Rich and Keith recap 2012 visiting a number of issues. Rich covers his recent move and the Native American debate as Keith covers his new founded experience with tv. Rich & Keith both respond to an Ethiopian listener as they continue to tackle the race issue with news from Pennsylvania and Chicago. Tune in for the last show of 2012.

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The Piper Report 2012.12.30

Mike Piper



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Truth Militia Radio with Greg Whitaker 2012.12.29

Money Words, Anagrams, & The Matrix

Why do you think money is called “currency?” It’s a metaphor for electricity. How does your brain tell your body to move muscles? It sends electrical impulses to them.
Money words, anagrams, and how the "controllers" construct & hide in The Matrix using deceptive language.  Words create worlds.  What are you creating?

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The Esoteric Hour with The Fetch 2012.12.30

The Esoteric Hour with "The Fetch" is an entertaining hour or more of Western esoteric history, philosophy, tradition, and knowledge as viewed from one of the leading Hermetic Qaballists of our time.

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Lisa Harrison interviews

David Ike Sept 2011 

Lisa spoke with David on the eve of his Australian Tour for his latest book, 'Human Race get off your knees, The Lion Sleeps no more', during September and October 2011.

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Michael Tsarion Nov 2011 

Michael Tsarion is an expert on the occult histories of Ireland and America. He has extensively researched Symbolism, Astrotheology, Mythology, Religion, Conspiracy and Atlantis among much more. Michael in touring Australia this month November 2011 starting in Melbourne on 19th.

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Frank OCollins Jan 2012 

Frank O'Collins is the founder of which is an alternative to the current 'Roman Cult System' as Frank calls it. He has been researching and creating this alternative for 25 years. If you wish to know how the world is actually run by the 'Elites', Frank's information is the best place to start.

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Max Igan and Santos Bonacci July 2012 

An Aussie perspective on what is going on both in Australia and the rest of the world and what the rest of 2012 may bring.

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The Goddard Report 2012.12.28

Banned From Face Book?

Mike Rivero interview.

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Truth Militia Radio with John Friend 2012.12.24

Daryl Bradford Smith, long time anti-Zionist crusader and radio host, joins us for what will surely be an interesting discussion.  I woke up to the Jew World Order big time thanks to Daryl's website and his radio broadcasts.  We'll be talking about the history of Daryl's website, some of the important books and documents posted there, the history of the Federal Reserve and Jewish-controlled private central banking systems, and related matters. 

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Max French’s The Victory Hour Dec. 29, 2012

Max and Egeria tackle supremacist Jewry’s economic attack on the south of Europe and the response of the Gentiles of Greece and Italy.

Also discussed is the dichotomy of jewish and gentile culture.

Jewish terrorism as described almost daily in the Western press 65 years ago is also showcased.

Max forgot to wish the audience a happy new year on the show and so passes along his warmest wishes to all for a joyous and victory filled 2013.




Nights at The Roundtable 2012.12.29

Nights at the Roundtable returns for another recounting of war stories and conquests! Ale and victory songs will be had, and our enemies shall quiver!

Lugh Greg,Crawdad, Sholly, Stevo. Overdrive: Celtic Rebel and Bob Tuskin's mother.
P.S. Overdrive is much better IMO.

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