January 24, 2016

Secret Teachings Radio: Controlling The Human Mind - 01/23/16

On this Saturday edition of The Secret Teachings, host Ryan will be exploring the world of mind control and evoked mass emotional responses from the general populace. This changes and shifts the social paradigm without the general populace recognizing they have been manipulated. 

 1. Tramau-based mind control and how this, along with the usage of drugs, relates to ancient cult initiations and the bringing of someone to the point of death (trauma) and back to life again (relief). This then relates to our modern society and our drug-induced coma of pharmaceutical drugs.

 2. Setting the standards for what is or is not possible 

3. Collecting personal information on a wide-scale for the usage in complex computer simulations meant to map the future. The next step is to merge man slowly with technology so 'he' is merged with an artificial controlled reality.

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