July 21, 2015

The Graham Hart Show 2015.07.21

Guest: Tony Sayers (I'm not sure if he is still part of TheReset.org)
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    Message to the Military

    FDA Does Big Pharma's Dirty Work Again, This Time to Censor the Benefits of Essential Oils

    Aromatic plant oils precede medicine and pharmaceutical products by thousands of years. The National Institutes of Health's website has published thousands of peer-reviewed studies proving the benefits of these oils. There is big healing, but not big money in essential oils. You can't patent a plant, so paying for an FDA study for a product that anyone can create at home is out of the question.
    If the FDA gets their way, they will either silence the essential oil companies or they will force them to get their oils FDA approved. What does that mean for consumers? Big money and long waits. If oils are to be approved for the relief of specific symptoms, they have to undergo lengthy and expensive testing which will ultimately be paid for by us.
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    Without Federal Permission: Industrial Hemp Programs Move Forward, Defy D.C.


    David Duke Show 2015.07.21

    Dr. Duke introduced his audience to some shocking news that they certainly will not hear in the Zio media. The head of Germany's third largest party, Gregor Gysi, has accused all native-born Germans of being Nazis and has said that the declining population of ethnic Germans is a good thing. This while the country is being over-run by immigrants from around the world.
    What should not come as a surprise is that Gregor Gysi is of mixed Jewish heritage. Dr. Slattery joined the show and commented on the tendency of persons of mixed Jewish heritage to strongly identify as Jews and their usefulness in promoting self-hate amongst Europeans. He also talked about the ability of leftists to consider themselves anti-racists while ignoring or even participating in virulent racism against whites on behalf of Jewish social elites.

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    Propaganda Wave Portends Invasion of Syria

    It is clear that US, British, and other regional allies conducting airstrikes on ISIS in Syria are doing so with full knowledge that whatever damage they are doing is quickly absorbed by the logistical torrent they themselves allow, even underwrite, to freely flow into ISIS territory. No attempts have been made by the US or any of the NATO nations involved in the Syrian conflict, to first stem ISIS’ supply lines – an elementary and obvious strategic goal necessary if the West was truly interested in stopping ISIS.
    It is clear that this premeditated and documented conspiracy has been fully implemented, manifesting itself as the “Islamic State” which is clearly being used both as a proxy military force with which to wage war against Western enemies, as well as a pretext for justifying Western military aggression around the world. It is also being used conveniently to maintain an iron grip at home via an increasingly Orwellian police state predicated on “fighting the threat of terrorism.”
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    New Obama Initiative To Ban Guns For Some Social Security Recipients, Veterans, and Disabled

    This time, it is not merely a carefully planned and orchestrated jig on the graves of mass shooting victims or pathetic whining about “gun crime” and the amount of time he must give regarding the issue. It is a push to ban a large number of Social Security benefits recipients from owning guns.
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    Overthrow Radio Network: Tarrah Beth discusses the cultural marxist attack on the Confederacy 7/19/2015 - Harvesting Truth radio talk show

    Tarah will discuss the latest attacks of cultural marxism on the Confederacy and why the Confederation needs our support today. The League of the South and the Sons of Confederate Veterans are two major Southern groups protecting Southern heritage and history. Tarrah also explains why these two organizations need to put aside their differences and join forces in the mission to put forward the facts about the Confederacy and dispel the Yankee myths of the “Civil War.”        Show-page          AmericanFreePress.net         BarnesReview.org


    The shape of the nose is not a coincidence and says a lot about a person

    Open your eyes people! Only ONE Tribe throughout this Cycle of History has this defining characteristic!
    Experts say the nose reveals personality. If you want to know what kind of person someone is, well consider his nose and you will find out the main features of his character. Is it a stable or temperament person? Is it calm or aggressive person? Review…

    Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2015.07.20

    Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Texe Marrs - Prophetic Secrets Of Jerusalem

    Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Robert Morningstar - UFOs (lol)

    Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Yoichi Shimatsu & Dana Durnford - Fukushima Radiation Destroying West Coast & Pacific Ocean

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