February 21, 2016

Guns and Butter - Interview with Gerard Colby Discussing his Book on the Du Pont Family

We continue the theme of censorship with "Du Pont: The Secret Political Power" with Gerard Colby, author of The Du Pont Dynasty: Behind the Nylon Curtain. His book was "privished" by the publisher, Prentice Hall, not once, but twice, in the '70s and again with the second edition in the '80s. Dirty tricks and high powered lawyers quickly entered the scene to try and prevent his book from seeing the light of day.

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Jeb Bush - Money Laundering, Drug Trafficking, Cocaine Abuse

Two bombshell new reports about former Florida Governor Jeb Bush might change the mind of the Republican establishment. According to a a couple new books, Jeb – who is running for President and spent more than any candidate in New Hampshire ($1150 per voter) – is a major cocaine abuser, was apart of the death of Barry Seal, and acted as a conduit for money laundering....

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