February 06, 2022

Night Of The Long Honks - A Night With the Untouchables - Noor al Haqiqa, Dollar Vigilante, Fred B


  🔴LIVE Day 9 - Trucker Freedom Convoy

 Noor al Haqiqa
Perth police stop church service to check masks…



This fool on the hill is the Trudope of Parliament Hill. He believes he's going to be hanged...
After all assembled have a good laugh,  out rolls a nice truck...with a guillotine ready to go!
The giant blade gets jammed 2 inches before it reaches Trudope's useless skull.
An ambulance-truck comes around the corner and out comes a Doctor Fauci look-alike.
The nurse who's with him looks like Nurse Ratchet or maybe Tam Da Man and is wielding a giant syringe loaded with his booster shot (so he can legally be allowed in jail while he awaits his sentence).
The Right Honorable Minister of Justice & Punishment, Sir Umbra Bellator, shall hand down his sentence(s) after convening with the New Canadian Parliament.

Report From Pat King - Convoy Rally Victoria BC - TRUCKER MEMES - Worldwide Protests - Max Igan


Something Beautiful is Happening
Max Igan – The Crowhouse Feb 4, 2022


Worldwide Protests Against the Vaxx



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!!! Bye Bye Trudeau !!!