August 28, 2016

The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt 2016.08.28

Sean Stone – The Conspiratorial Cabal

Kyle starts off by talking to Robert Reyvolt about the Alt Right speech by Hillary Clinton and some of the surrounding events like the release of Imperium. He then welcomes Sean Stone, host of The Buzzsaw, to discuss his life growing up with his father Oliver, the supernatural, his work on Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory show, vaccines and chemtrails, the wars in the Middle East, the Israeli role in 9/11, the jewish domination of media, and debate issues related to White rights, multiculturalism, and the “Nazis”. A few minutes are lost in the second hour.

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The Covert Report with Susan Lindauer 2016.08.28

Former CIA Case Officer Philip Giraldi discusses the dangerous escalation in Syria and Turkey, as President Obama plays Hillary Clinton’s war games against Putin and Russia. Putin has already warned, “If it’s Hillary Clinton, it’s war!” This week shows why. An illegal U.S. invading force threatened to shoot down Russian or Syrian planes that challenge U.S. backed Islamic rebels. Meanwhile, Putin delivered an olive branch to Erdogan, who appeared to snub NATO. The one bright spot is that America’s nukes appear to have been removed from Incirlik Air Base. But the picture of what’s ahead if Hillary’s elected should scare the hell out of voters. In the Second hour, Jim Fetzer talks Hillary’s health; DNC voter fraud, the shocking murders of THREE antagonists of the Clinton Crime Family– Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas and John Jones. And Jim talks in depth about the mountain of evidence that Hillary acted as a political prostitute, selling policy decisions for tens of millions of dollars in cash donations to the Clinton Foundation. We both thank Wayne Madsen for his outstanding research providing explicit details of how Clinton Cash works. Hillary should be President of inmates at Danbury Prison, but she should never get the keys to the White House.

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Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2016.08.29

Tony Gosling: Are Bilderbergers plotting global economic collapse?

Are we on the brink of a massive global economic collapse? One way to "read the tea leaves" is to look back at what went down at this year's Bilderberg Conference in Dresden, Germany. Today's guest Tony Gosling was there, talking to attendees (or trying to) and taking notes. He says the finance ministers looked skittish...a bad sign? We also discuss the Canadian Intelligence Service CSIS getting caught trafficking 15-year-old girls to ISIS; the upcoming 15th anniversary of 9/11; the Jeremy Corbyn revolution in the UK and more.

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Fourth Position # 210 - 2016.08.28


Host: WolfWallStreet/Bob in DC

Not what, but who: our people! Aussie Luke reports in, and Aryan Goddess (Janet) gives us some good ideas. Two recent radio shows are recommended: James and Joanne Moriarty on Truth about Libya. Also Truth about Libya: Sott Radio interview with James and Joanne Moriarty and, Dennis Fetcho Interviewed by Radio North Front  What I said to piss off the gay police and make them do a raid - all true of course. John Sunol's post-arrest coverage More Links & Info

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