August 15, 2013

"We're Building A Domestic Army Because The Gov't Is Afraid Of It's Own Citizens" -Marine Corps Colonel speaks out

Michael Hastings Last Story Was On CIA Director Brennan; Will Be Published In Upcoming Rolling Stone

Students offered grants if they tweet pro-Israeli propaganda

In a campaign to improve its image abroad, the Israeli government plans to provide scholarships to hundreds of students at its seven universities in exchange for their making pro-Israel Facebook posts and tweets to foreign audiences.The students making the posts will not reveal online that they are funded by the Israeli government, according to correspondence about the plan revealed in the Haaretz newspaper. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, which will oversee the programme, confirmed its launch and wrote that its aim was to “strengthen Israeli public diplomacy and make it fit the changes in the means of information consumption”.      ***Read article at THE INDEPENDENT***

No, your data is not secure in the Cloud

In 2012, Google alone received 21,389 government requests for information affecting 33,634 user accounts.

 While online data storage services claim your data is encrypted, there are no guarantees. With recent revelations that the federal government taps into the files of Internet search engines, email and cloud service providers, any myth about data "privacy" on the Internet has been busted.

Experts say there's simply no way to ever be completely sure your data will remain secure once you've moved it to the cloud.
"You have no way of knowing. You can't trust anybody. Everybody is lying to you," said security expert Bruce Schneier. "How do you know which platform to trust? They could even be lying because the U.S. government has forced them to."

          ***Read article at COMPUTERWORLD***

David Duke Show 2013.08.15

Today: Dr. David Duke talks about the fundamentals of human rights and the preservation of human heritage, independence and freedom. A great program that discusses the Tennessee Smoky Mountain Summit, and the lexicon and context that motivates European Americans in our struggle for our rights and heritage. Kay Wahlen joins Dr. Duke and Dr. Duke also discusses once again the incredible hypocrisy when it comes to "Jews" and Israel. A prominent Israeli mayor literally endorses ethnic cleansing and genocide and says that if you call that "racist" then you must call Israel racist. Then a new article about Jews only settlements is discussed and how the same media that covers this up would go ballistic if any European country would bar Jews from living in a neighborhood or town.

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The Realist Report with John Friend 2013.08.15

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined once again by Tom in Connecticut. Tom and I will be deconstructing the Sandy Hook "shooting" PSYOP, and elaborating on how we can all recognize and protect ourselves against media deception.

Please visit The Realist Report on TalkeShoe to download this and past episodes.

Main Discussion Points:
  • Dealing with information
  • Envelope/Letter analogy
  • Human Cognition and its exploitable limitations
  • 7 Components of Deception Magic and how they are used
  • Analysis of Competing Hypotheses as a hedge against being deceived
  • How Analysis of Competing Hypotheses can be applied to Sandy Hook
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Spingola Speaks 2013.08.15

Guest: Dr. Jennifer Daniels, the author of The Lethal Dose: Why Your Doctor is Prescribing It

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Blast from the past: Iconocunt picks on a cripple

This is a recording of me and Iconocunt from back in 2011, and in it Iconocunt makes fun of me being disabled and tries to make me sound like a UFO kook. 

NOTE: Me and Iconocunt was having it out in's  chatbox and he dared me to come on his show.

He cut 80% of what had to say out of the audio because I exposed his bullshit, and he eventually deleted the show from his talkshoe account because he knew it made him look bad

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9/11: The pyrotechnic and explosive link

An article published in a Journal of Chemical Physics, signed by no less than nine experts, analyzing the results of studies on particles taken from the 9/11 event at the World Trade Center in New York City in 2001 makes the most shocking conclusion: "highly energetic pyrotechnic or explosive material" was discovered.

Remember when the World Trade Center collapsed? Quite apart from the shock and awe experienced by most civilized people around the world at the sheer scale of the act of mass murder, quite apart from the indignation at seeing passenger aircraft flying into the buildings, were there not little subconscious question marks chalked up at the way the buildings fell, almost as if in an implosion?

Remember the Pentagon "aircraft" strike and all those questions raised as to how two electricity posts would have withstood a passenger aircraft, 200 plus tonnes of metal, hurtling into them and yet they remained upright, remember the fact that only one engine was found from the Boeing 757, except its parts did not match a 757 engine? So where was the second engine? Remember the absence of substantial aircraft parts found in photos of the crash site immediately after impact?

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Chemtrail Researcher Harrassed by Mercenaries

Sandra started out trying to figure out the chemtrails in November 2007. Debilitated with Lyme disease, she was directing a conference when some researchers concerned for her health and exposure told her about chemtrails. A few months ago, Sandra went to the mayor, chief of police and county commissioner near Tampa, Florida with her pictures of chemtrails over the Tampa, Florida area – and chemtrails complaint. The county commissioner
went to see Senator Bill Young, and the state congressional Representative.

The chemtrails stopped.

They weren’t completely blatant.”They would go out into the gulf and spray and let them come in”, Sandra explained. “They’re not spraying directly anymore”, she reconfirmed. They’re sneaky about it. When it’s getting ready to rain, they’ll spray above the clouds. Sandra knows a “very well known microbiologist who has three dead friends” and whom she does not reveal to anyone. Using a 20,000-power microscope he looked at her samples of chemtrails fallout caught in a sterile dish in her front yard – not rain, but actual powder falling from the sky.

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Egypt on fire

US Congressman James Lankford confronted on NSA spying at recent town hall.

98% of Drone Strikes Kill Civilians

Snowden: NSA targeted journalists critical of government after 9/11

“After 9/11, many of the most important news outlets in American abdicated their role as a check to power – the journalistic responsibility to challenge the excesses of government – for fear of being seen as unpatriotic and punished in the market during a period of heightened nationalism,” he said.
“From a business perspective, this was the obvious strategy,” he continued. “But what benefitted the institutions ended up costing the public dearly. The major outlets are still only beginning to recover from this cold period. Laura and Glenn are among the few who reported fearlessly on controversial topics.”
          ***Read article at THE HILL***

Snowden: American media ‘abdicated their role as check to power’

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has gone on the offensive against his critics in the US, accusing the mainstream media there of failing their audiences “for fear of being seen as unpatriotic and punished in the market.”
In a rare interview, Snowden explained why he chose a UK journalist and a documentary filmmaker for his leaks. In an encrypted e-mail correspondence with journalist Peter Maass, the former NSA contractor-turned-whistleblower presented his candid opinion of the US media and what finally persuaded him to go public on the NSA’s worldwide surveillance program.
          ***Read article at RINF***

MSNBC Blames Boston Bombing on “Deeply Racist” Alex Jones

MSNBC engaged in one of the most egregious and defamatory hit pieces in its entire history earlier today when host Alex Wagner and guests all but blamed Alex Jones for the Boston bombings, claiming with no evidence that the Tsarnaev brothers were inspired to carry out the attack by the “deeply racist” Jones and his website. (infowars)
*Torn about this one, as i think Jones is controlled opposition. But Blaming him for this tars *all* truthers - probably the msm's intention.

Canada’s One-Sided Israel Extremism

They control your country, just like they control mine!
The one-sided extremism of the Conservative government’s support for Israel just keeps growing.
The latest example is Ottawa helping convince the European Union to list Hezbollah’s military wing as a “terrorist” organization. After that decision was taken, Foreign Minister John Baird declared, “We are thrilled that the European Union unanimously has agreed to designate Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. We’ve been pushing for this.”   (counterpunch)

Investigating WTC Building 7: The Evidence Might Surprise You

In the 12 years since the events of 9/11, independent researchers have assembled a body of evidence that overwhelmingly contradicts the official account of 9/11. A primary area of research has been the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7 and the Twin Towers.
Check out the website to follow the campaign and get active, as grassroots actions will be fully developed in mid-August. Help ReThink911 go viral this September!  (

Look out! Israel’s Twitter pimps are about

Online Jewish Pimp Danny Seaman...
Israel is looking to hire university students to post pro-Israel messages on social media networks – without needing to identify themselves as government-linked pimps, the Associated Press news agency reports, quoting Israeli officials.
The Israeli prime minister’s office said in a statement that students on Israeli university campuses would receive full or partial scholarships to combat anti-Semitism and calls to boycott Israel online. It said students’ messages would parallel statements by government officials…

18 Little-Known Gun Facts That Prove That Guns Make Us Safer

In other words, there is a very strong positive correlation between more guns and less crime.  This is the exact opposite of what the mainstream media would have us believe, but it makes sense.  You see, the reality is that criminals really, really, really don’t want to get shot.  When you pass strict gun control laws, you take the fear of getting shot away and criminals tend to flourish.
***Read article at IntelliHub***

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2013.08.14

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Gerald Celente - Trending Toward Disaster

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Tim Rifat - A World Gone To Hell

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Jim Marrs - The View From Marrs

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