June 09, 2013

'Shock jock' disrupts BBC's Sunday Politics show!

Fat-Boy A.J joins the BBC's Andrew Neil on The Sunday Politics to talk about Bilderbergers meeting in secret Outside Watford,UK. After the show, Andrew Neil describes AJ as the "Worst guest he has ever interviewed".

Why Can't Chuck Get His Business Off the Ground?


David Icke Calls for Mass Noncompliance at Bilderberg

"Rise like Lions after slumber in unvanquishable number. Shake your chains to earth like dew: Which in sleep had fallen on you. Ye are many — they are few"

Genetic Weapons--Can Your DNA Kill You?

DNA strand. Pretty. Deadly.
It is a scene out of a futuristic political thriller—the Secretary of State issues secret orders for embassy officials to collect the DNA of foreign heads of state while the President, speaking at a $1000 a plate dinner, is surrounded by a contingent of Secret Service agents wiping clean his drinking glasses and picking up stray hair follicles. They are not just protecting the President—they are protecting the President's DNA. (activistpost.com)

The Most Famous American Journalist Exposes the Zionist Conspiracy

that it was a war created by the Jewish Zionists for Israel not for the United States. This invasion and mass murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent people was based on lies, and we in America have paid the Zionist control over our government and media with our treasure and our blood. And we pay for it with hatred and attacks against America because of these bloody Zionist Wars!
***Read article at Veterans News Now*** 

Obama to Ignore Senate, Sign 2nd Amendment-Violating UN Gun Treaty

Arrogant Little Shit
A majority in the U.S. Senate has told President Barack Obama not to do it. There’s no doubt that an overwhelming majority of Americans would oppose it — if the media ever told them about it.
Nonetheless, this past Monday, Secretary of State John Kerry said that Obama will sign a controversial gun-control treaty promulgated by the United Nations. “We look forward to signing it as soon as the process of conforming the official languages is completely satisfied,” Kerry said in a prepared statement.

No Future


Web inventor Berners-Lee warns forces are 'trying to take control'

The inventor of the World Wide Web said the internet is facing a “major” threat from “people who want to control it on the sly” through “worrying laws” such as SOPA, the US anti-piracy act, and through the actions of internet giants.

*Read article at the Telegraph*

Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn Yeager 6/8/2013

                   Demolishing “Elie in Buchenwald” once and for all

GOP Congressmen Urge DOJ to Grant Asylum to German Homeschool Family

Where are the White Nation Protesters??
Following a federal appeals court decision denying asylum to a German homeschool family, a group of U.S. congressmen have sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder asking the Department of Justice (DOJ) to intervene.

Interview with Liberty Co. Sheriff Nick Finch: "I Will Never Back Down!"

Sheriff Nick Finch
On June 4, agents of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) arrested Nick Finch, sheriff of Liberty County, Florida. About 11 p.m. the previous Friday night, May 31, four agents of the FDLE served a search warrant on employees of the Liberty County, Florida jail, seized arrest and booking documents, and issued subpoenas to the employees.