July 31, 2016

The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt 2016.07.31

Gerhard Lauck – Third Reich Books

Kyle speaks to Gerhard Lauck of Third-Reich-Book.com and NSDAP.info about a variety of topics, such as: internet activism after being released from German prison, the variety of Third Reich original books he offers, what the NSDAP/AO is like doing these days, how people can get involved, and what could be coming our way politically.

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Fourth Position # 206 - 2016.07.31


Host: WolfWallStreet/Bob in DC

Security stressed. Recitations: a South African National Socialist comments on Christianity; and Lev Gumilev on Ethnogenesis and Eurasianism through Passionarity. Guest: Patrick Fox, and his comments on the South African's thinking. Resource: Lev Gumilev: Ethnogenesis and Eurasianism (PDF). -- Red Army Choir: Song of the Steppes, Search for Red October. -- Chaos is the Jew Seed - War is the Jew Harvest - Enslavement is the Jew Goal --

Fourth Position


A View From Space July 30 2016

The Spaceman goes deeper into today’s headlines than anyone else dares to go.


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A View from the Bog