March 11, 2014

The People Speak with Charles Giuliani 2014.03.11

Guest: Kevin Barrett Education, 9/11, Religion etc.

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The Spingola Zone at AFP 3/11/2014

Deanna's guest today is Eric Hunt, the creator of The Last Days of the Big Lie and The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax.


American Free Press 

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Robert Faurisson — A Most Honorable Man

Syria: The Crime and the Criminals

Sun Tzu and The Art of Internet Trolling

The Government trolls will continue to hide under their bridges until some unsuspecting victim passes within arms’ reach and then they will pounce. This is the nature of the troll. Learn to look for the signs of battle and take another route. If you are brave and confident, then shine the light on the troll and watch them turn to stone or blow up in front of you. Either one is fascinating to watch. There is nothing quite like the spectacle of beating a troll at their own game and dragging them into the daylight for everyone to see.

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Scott Horton 2014.03.10

First interview Grant F. Smith

Grant F. Smith, director of IRMEP, discusses the successful National Summit to Reassess the U.S. – Israel “Special Relationship” in Washington last weekend. (Duration: 22:42 — 10.3MB)

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Second interview Ted Snider

Journalist Ted Snider discusses his article “Ukraine and Twenty-First Century Coups;” the formula for overthrowing elected governments with “democratic” street protests backed by Western powers; and the silent coups in Honduras, Paraguay, and (probably) Ukraine. (Duration: 25:34 — 11.7MB)

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The Realist Report with John Friend 2014.03.11

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by author Richard Tedor. Richard and I will be discussing his book Hitler's Revolution: Ideology, Social Programs & Foreign Affairs.
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The Kevin Barrett Show 2014.03.11

9/11 family member Bob McIlvaine: “I want justice for my son!”

Bob McIlvaine is the father of Robert McIlvaine, Assistant Vice President, Merrill Lynch, WTC North Tower, 106th floor.  A former history teacher, Bob McIlvaine is one of the most articulate and outspoken of the 9/11 family members calling for a real investigation of 9/11.  Appearing on Fox News with mechanical engineer Tony Szamboti, Bob helped convince Geraldo Rivero that the 9/11 truth movement was right about the demolitions of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers. He may also have helped convince Mike Huckabee, who watched Bob and Tony explain the situation to Geraldo. (Bob discusses his encounter with Huckabee toward the end of this interview.)

Bob is a prominent supporter of the High Rise Safety Initiative, which seeks a new investigation of the apparent controlled demolition of World Trade Center Building 7.

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Snowden’s first live: ‘Constitution being violated on massive scale’ 2014.03.10

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David Duke Show 2014.03.11

Today: Dr. David Duke goes into the latest Zio takeover of the United States and how the U.S. Government Dept. of the Treasury website is now a mouthpiece for the American people, but for the ultra-racist nation of Israel and its agents in America and around the world. It is an astounding revelation of the truth that the debate over Obama's agreement with Iran, is simply a debate between Jewish extremists and even more extreme Jewish extremists! Dr. Duke also goes into some of the aspects of his soon to be released book and video on the Illustrated Protocols of Zion, bringing their truths alive in the modern world! Great program today

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The Kevin Barrett Show 2014.03.10

Joseph Noor's "Direct Evidence of God's Existence"

Dr. Joseph Noor's book Document X: Direct Evidence of God's Existence tackles the big questions: How was the universe created? How did life originate? Is evolutionary theory right? How will the universe end?  His answers are very different from those of my previous guests Vincent Bugliosi (agnostic), Michael Parenti (anti-religious) and E. Michael Jones (Catholic).

Joseph Noor is a practicing medical doctor and has a keen interest in science, astronomy and evolution. He enjoys running and is also an accomplished musician.

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Increased Hostility Against Jews And Roma In Hungary

Ahead of next month's parliamentary election in Hungary, a published in February found the Roma minority in that Central European country face an unprecedented amount of violence and discrimination. While prejudice against Roma, pejoratively known as Gypsies, is widespread throughout Europe, the report says Hungary is more anti-immigrant and hostile toward minorities than elsewhere.

 "In the last five years in Hungary, the establishment of vigilante groups and hate crimes against Roma and other minority groups has characterized a climate of increasing social and economic exclusion," according to the report, from the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights at Harvard University.

A 2011 finds many Hungarians share anti-Roma sentiments with 60 percent believing that criminality was in "gypsy" blood. The same poll found 40 percent believed it was OK to have bars and clubs where Roma were not allowed in.
These widespread attitudes help explain the popularity and political strength of the Jobbik party. It's the country's third largest, holding 43 seats of 386 in the Hungarian Parliament. It defines itself as a "principled, conservative and radically patriotic Christian party," but critics say it's a radical organization that targets minorities.... Read More Here

The Heretics' Hour 2014.03.10

Christopher John Borsella, executive secretary and treasurer
of the new American Nationalist Association and radio host at ANN.

Carolyn’s continuing look at Rodney Martin’s attempt to corner some part of the White Nationalist “market.” She likens his methods to Elie Wiesel and other Jewish “holohoax survivors” and religious con-men who keep their story unencumbered by dates, names and other traceable pieces of real information. The question has to be asked “Why?” and what is he getting out of it. Can it be the hundreds of $30 membership fees if he and his team can convince enough suckers to send it in?
  • The ANA Board of Directors page shows the lack of cohesion and seriousness of this organization;
  • Chris J. Borsella has gone from worshipping Norman Lowell to worshipping Rodney Martin, and from advocating a global White Imperium to advocating an American National Socialism;
  • The ANA’s Racial Policy is patterned after National Socialist Germany, and so is their 25-point Platform – prompting the question will a large segment of Americans accept this;
  • Paul Topete, whose “Freedom Palooza” music festival Martin is going to speak at this summer, is not eligible to join the ANA because he is Mexican-American;
  • Giles Bernheim, former Chief Rabbi of France, who “lied like a child” about his plagiarism and other deceptions,  is a mirror image to Rodney Martin’s own behavior - read and realize;
  • With clowns like this representing White people, we’ll never get anywhere;
  • Sorry for my mistakenly muted mic after Jim’s call toward the end – it was assuredly not on purpose – check the comments.
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The "Kosher tax"

To some it is an old story, hardly newsworthy. To others it is evidence of a world conspiracy suggesting "the Mark of the Beast." For me, it's something quite frightening. It's called "The Kosher Tax."

Read and weep here:

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2014.03.10

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Jonathan Emord - Putin's 'Invasion' Of Ukraine

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - James Fetzer - Free Your Mind...Boston And Sandy Hook - Vid

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Dr. John Apsley - The Tragedy Of The Crew Of The USS
Ronald Reagan

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Life Lesson 3: Make a difference

Tolstoy Ploughing (c.1889) by Ilya Repin
For an upper-class literary gent, Tolstoy made a notable effort to take practical action to alleviate other people's suffering. His dedication to the peasantry was nowhere more evident than in his famine relief work. After the crop failure of 1873, Tolstoy decided to stop writing Anna Karenina for a year to organize aid for the starving, remarking to a relative, "I cannot tear myself away from living creatures to bother about imaginary ones." His friends and family thought it crazy that one of the finest novelists in the world would put one of his works of genius on the backburner. But Tolstoy was adamant. He did it again after the famine in 1891, and with other members of his family spent the next two years raising money from around the world and working in soup kitchens. Can you imagine a bestselling author today setting aside their latest book to do humanitarian relief work for two years?

Hackers Leak Walmart’s Guide on How to Silence Workers

Occupy Wall Street published a number of Walmart’s internal training materials on how to discourage workers from coming together for action. The documents, demanding loyalty and that all signs of worker dissatisfaction be reported immediately, “would sound right at home in a training manual for prison guards, or as text from Brave New World,” in the words of Gawker’s Hamilton Nolan. The eerily Big Brother-esque documents have drawn comparisons to the TSA and Homeland security.
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Big Lies Drown Out Truth

Neocon Washington Post editors pillory Russia.
On March 7, they headlined “The West must resist Mr. Putin’s gambits in Ukraine.”
They lied claiming Russia invaded. Putin “floated another radical measure: Russian annexation of Crimea,” they bellowed.
They lied again claiming Moscow controls Crimea’s parliament. They ignored overwhelming public sentiment.
Crimeans reject Kiev fascists. On March 16, they’ll vote up or down on whether to secede, declare independence, or join the Russian Federation. 
They’re legally entitled to do it. A previous article explained. Claims otherwise are false. WaPo editors support Kiev fascist putschists. Russia bashing is relentless.
Out-of-control propaganda substitutes for legitimate reporting and opinion. It’s vicious. It’s relentless. WaPo readers are carpet-bombed with lies, damn lies, misinformation.

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America