April 22, 2022

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Gonzalo Lira Is Alive! - Has Lira Pulled a Smollett? - Holy Men & Dark Magicians, The Leo Frank Trial & The ADL's 100 Years of Hate - Really Graceful, The Duran, V. Coleman, Good Citizen, Polly, JP Sears, Ann Hendon, Asha Logos, Max Random, XANDREWX, Enochered, Ball of Confusion

"Gonzalo Lira is alive! He was picked up by the SBU and he appears shaken up but back at home after a week of no contact with anyone. He tells some of his story in this very brief video. They took his phone and computer and apparently he has to stay in Kharkiv on orders of the Ukranian gestapo."

* Suggested by Erik Paul *

Narrated by Gonzalo Lira
Good Citizen
Vernon Coleman
JP Sears
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