Mami Needs Help!

Hello, my name is David Grissom aka Grizzom aka Mami and I need your help. My wife Carol has suffered a massive heart attack and a stroke and has no insurance to pay for meds and future heart valve surgery etc. I'm disabled and have been living off disability/ social security since 2002 and my wife quit work a few years back to take care of me and our family, so needless to say money has always been tight and we couldn't afford health insurance for her.

Here's what happened: Around Thanksgiving day (Nov 24) My wife experienced chest pains and shortness of breath and told me she thinks she's having a mild heart attack. She said that she was fine and refused to go to the ER. On Jan 16 she was complaining she couldn't breath, and we thought she had the flu like me and other family members and we forced her to go to the ER. They ran some test and said she had suffered a major heart attack and cant believe she was able to walk in the door. Next they did a angiogram where they shove a catheter up a artery in her leg to the heart and inject dye so they can see her blood vessels on xray. Well I guess a piece of plaque broke off during the procedure and ended up in her brain and she suffered and major stroke on her left brain. Now she has no control of her right side and lost half her vision in both of her eyes and has the personality of a 10 year old child. Since she doesn't have insurance they will be sending her home in the next couple of days with some prescriptions and she/we are on our own. I have some savings but it's not enough to cover the cost of remodeling my home to accommodate her disability's and pay for the meds and equipment she needs to keep her alive long enough to get her on disability/medicare etc. If  y'all can spare a coin or two it will be going to a good cause and will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



01.29.2018  Wow! this post has only been up for like 12 hours and it's raised over $1200 dollars. I can't thank all you good folks enough for helping me out. I'll be emailing each and every one of you as soon as I get some free time. Right now I'm heading back up to see Carol and have a pow wow with her doctors and case manager and see what they can do about fast tracking Carol through the system and getting her on medicaid and see about alternative meds. The crap they have her on now is highly toxic and will do her more harm then good from what I've read. Well I'll be posting updates and let you folks know whats going on.  All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you.     Dave / Mami

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Lord Finesse said...

Love your website! However I am upset that you no longer have Dennis fetcho and Jeff rense on any longer. Please reinstate their shows as soon as possible. Thank you for all your work.