August 13, 2013

The Blitzkrieg Broadcast with Kyle Hunt 2013.08.12

The Birth of a New Generation

Sinead returns to the show to discuss What Happened to Birth?, her recent article. Topics include: the big business of pregnancy, the atrocities of hospital birth, systematic mutilation of mothers and babies, natural instincts and folk knowledge vs. the “experts” of industry, healthy alternatives for parents, and why we need to empower our women.

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The Heretics' Hour 2013.08.12

A review of the chapter “War Crimes Trials” from Carlos Porter’s  new book of the same name – which details how the Allies’ International Military Tribunal that began in 1946 in Nuremberg used illegal standards of judgement. A reading of the Hague Conventions  of 1907 reveal that the accusations leveled against the Nationsl-Socialists were what the Allies were actually guilty of in every instance.

Similarly, today the so-called NSU Trial (National Socialist Underground) is being conducted via sensational headlines and pitifully little evidence for the purpose of reinforcing the verdicts at Nuremberg. That is what it’s all about: convincing the public that Nationalism attracts criminals and leads to the terrorizing of society.

Image: Public poster in German city with pictures of the Turkish “victims” reads: “Murdered by the NSU-Nazi-Murderers!” – even though the trial has just gotten started. Guilt is assumed; the trial is just a formality.

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David Duke Show 2013.08.13

Today: Dr. David Duke has another great program from the road, this time in Alabama not far from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. He discusses some of the fundamental principles of genetics and the foundations of what are referred to as ethnic or racial differences, and shows why all reason and evolutionary evidence supports the variation and diversity of all species and breeds of life, including human expressions, and that understanding the differences can lead to avoiding conflict and more harmonious societies. Then He and Dr. Slattery (a former economics professor in the Ivy League) discuss the latest Wall Street mega-scandal by Mr. Cohen which is described by a Jewish publication as an "entirely Jewish affair!" Today you will learn about how Jewish tribalists steal trillions of dollars from billions of the worlds' hard working and productive people.

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Spingola Speaks 2013.08.13

Guest: Clint Richardson, Producer of The Corporate Nation, Reality Blog; Cracking The Cult Of The Constitution

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Your mortgage documents are fake!

If you know about foreclosure fraud, the mass fabrication of mortgage documents in state courts by banks attempting to foreclose on homeowners, you may have one nagging question: Why did banks have to resort to this illegal scheme? Was it just cheaper to mock up the documents than to provide the real ones? Did banks figure they simply had enough power over regulators, politicians and the courts to get away with it? (They were probably right about that one.) 

A newly unsealed lawsuit, which banks settled in 2012 for $95 million, actually offers a different reason, providing a key answer to one of the persistent riddles of the financial crisis and its aftermath. The lawsuit states that banks resorted to fake documents because they could not legally establish true ownership of the loans when trying to foreclose.

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Unsealed court-settlement documents reveal banks stole $trillions’ worth of houses

One Nation (world) Under Siege

Jonathan Azaziah's Mask of Zion Report with special guest Ken O’Keefe

Activist Kenneth O’Keefe joins Jonathan Azaziah for a blistering and inspiring discussion on Syria, Egypt, the Palestinian cause and why there is a lot to be optimistic about despite the darkness inflicted on the world by International Zionism.




Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2013.08.12

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Jonathan Emord - Constitutional Attorney State Of The Nation

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Pete Santilli & Chief Mark Kessler - The Price Of Honesty

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Michael Collins - Fukushima Radiation Worsening - Yoichi Shimatsu Fukushima Report

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