April 22, 2013

The Blitzkrieg Broadcast with Kyle Hunt 2013.04.22

Might of The New Right - Greg Johnson, editor of Counter Currents, joins the show to discuss strategy for organizing a New Right in America and abroad. How can we best utilize the perverse political atmosphere, growing disenfranchisement and disillusionment of whites, and the rising interest in nationalism to create something strong and lasting?

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Fucking Massholes!!!!


Psychologically controlled Masshole slaves cheer.

Back to Back C-span callers - Boston Marathon Bombing a false flag to take away more rights

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zq_1cyyGjb4      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DMn66Zr80M

Spingola Speaks 2013.04.22

Guest: Dr. Kaasem Khaleel talks about Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon

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Die Drachenhöhle with David in Texas 2013.04.22

Satanism: What is real and what is bogus. Who are some of the frauds. (I will be discussing this topic more in-depth as a whole in the future so check back later for more shows.) This is a rebroadcast of an interview appearance by me on Star Theory Radio with Kyle Hunt on the now defunct Oracle Broadcasting Network on 7-7-12. Additionally, I will be exposing Anton LaVey for the fraud that he was and I will also play some audio about Nietzsche’s ‘Will to Power’ afterwards. Additionally a couple of audio clips on a discussion of Pan.

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David Duke Show 2013.04.22

Today: Dr. Duke discusses Conspiracy Nuts and True Conspiracies that are in our faces every day. He shows how a lot of the conspiracy websites will talk about every conspiracy but the BIG ONE, The Zionist Conspiracy, which is a tribal, supremacist conspiracy to twist America to the Jewish agenda, the Zionist agenda rather than the interest of the 98 percent non-Jewish population. In this amazing broadcast he blows wide open the conspiracy stories surrounding the Boston Marathon Bombing and shows how the pictures of the men in black coats and black backpacks were not "contractors or government agents but national guardsmen who are part of the civil defense teams who go to big events to help provide security. The backpacks in question are brought to every event, they have medicine in them in case of injury or sickness, and even Geiger counters to detect any radiation threats, as dangerous radioactive isotopes are fairly easily attainable, far more than any bomb, and they can poison thousands. Certainly there are real false flag operations, as the Lavon Affair and the Attack on the USS Liberty, but we are vulnerable to those kinds of conspiracies only because the Zionist conspiracy has the power over our politics, media, and financial structure of America. The ultimate conspiracy!

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Most U.S. Federal gun control legislation has been written, introduced, and sponsored by Jewish Congressmen and Jewish Senators.
Apparently it's okay for Jews to possess guns, just not Goyim cattle. Oh yes, the greatest gun grabbers in US History are and have always been quite Jewish. "Gun control" in the United States is as Jewish as our liberal and self destructive immigration policies.

U.S. Federal Gun Control Legislation, 1968 -- present

Emanuel Celler(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Representative from New York(1923 -- 1973)
Howard M. Metzenbaum(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Senator from Ohio(1974, 1976 -- 1995)
Carl M. Levin(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Senator from Michigan(1979 -- present)
Thomas P. "Tom" Lantos(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Representative from California(1981 -- 2008)
Arlen Specter(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Senator from Pennsylvania(1981 -- present)
Charles E. "Chuck" Schumer(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Senator from New York(1999 -- present), Democratic Represenative from New York(1981-1999)
Frank R. Lautenberg(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Senator from New Jersey(1982 -- 2001, 2003 -- present)
Barbara L. Boxer(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Senator from California(1993 -- present), Democratic Representative from California(1983 -- 1993)
Herbert H. "Herb" Kohl(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Senator from Wisconsin(1989 -- present)
Dianne G. Feinstein(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Senator from California(1992 -- present)
Jerrold L. Nadler(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Representative from New York(1992 -- present)
Steven R. "Steve" Rothman(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Representative from New Jersey(1997 -- present)
Who Controls America?