January 17, 2016

No Agenda Episode 791 - "Shunt Unit" - 21016.01.17

TODAY; PR; #OscarsSoWhite; Elections 2016; Ministry of Truth; Caliphate!; Nuland; Agenda 2030; Bengahzi; Obama Nation; BUGS!; NGO's; BTC; Migrants; Out There; Raw, and all your usual listening whilst showing The appropriate respect for another truth warrior gone too soon favourites.
R.I.P Charlie.

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A View From Space Jan 16, 2016

The Spaceman goes deeper into today’s headlines than anyone else dares to go.


Talk Radio AM 640 Toronto

A View from the Bog

Delcroix Improv 14 Jan 15 2016

Del is joined by Foon1e , Scorpio ,
Wanda, Armunn Riogh and John le Bon for a late night chat .


A View from the Bog

The Secret Teachings Radio: 1/9/16 - Jewish Domination & Holoacust Denial(?)

Jewish Domination & Holocaust Denial (?) PT 1 1)

Jewish Domination and Declaration of War on Germany 2) German / Jewish agreements to est. Israel 3) Concentration Camp Myths & Exaggerations 4) The Holocaust Factory

DISCLAIMER: This is not about anti-semitism buzzwords, apologizing for Hitler, being a Nazi, or Holocaust Denial. There has been a gross hoax orchestrated on all of mankind and its time we learn a little of the truth. -The Germans were invaded by a foreign immigrant wave that refused to assimilate to their culture.

 Concentration Camps were set up to house POWs and enemies of the state. -The Germans worked with the Zionists to create a Jewish state to both give the Jews their own land and to rid Germany of this invading economic force. Cases of civil violence against Jews were retaliation for Jews executing key German diplomats or officers.

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Obit:Charles Thomas ‘Charlie’ McGrath Jr., 46 Has passed Away.

Goodbye Charlie.
Charles Thomas “Charlie” McGrath Jr., dedicated father, treasured friend and passionate activist, passed away in the early morning hours of Saturday, Jan. 9, 2016 at the age of 46.
Charlie will be remembered for Both "Wide Awake News", And His Joint Host "DoomCast" Shows To Mami's Alumni. 2016 keeps getting sadder & sadder.
Condolences and memories can be shared with the family at www.dokkennelson.com or www.mtstandard.com.

Sir Julian Rose:The Situation in Poland Is Critical

Ex-Pat Knight Sir Julian Rose Explains the geo-political dangers surrounding Poland, and it's place within the ongoing plans of The Elites to create The New World order/One World Government.