November 21, 2015

U.S Marine Ken O'Keefe Exposes Paris Attacks Hoax

Fred Leuchter Interview with Jim Rizoli
*The Holocaust Mega-post

Putin to G20: Stop Funding ISIS! - New World Next Week

Spingola Speaks 2015.11.19

Deanna's guests were Larry Cook and Brandy Vaughan. Vaughan
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Philip Giraldi comments, U.S. releases convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard


***See cartoons at SNIPPITS AND SNAPPITS***

This guy absolutely nails the antecedents and underlying philosophy behind the Black Lives Matter movement and other leftist movements - created by Jewish Marxists!

This Short Video,produced in 2010,clearly and concisely explains How Jewish Marxist agitators were able to use sociological techniques developed over the last Century to sway Public Opinion. Important to understand this message in light of recent World events, and clear manipulation of Western Societies by the same Jewish,Zionist and Left Wing "Intellectual" Forces that Fester behind Western Governments today.