November 21, 2015

U.S Marine Ken O'Keefe Exposes Paris Attacks Hoax


Nona said...

"We are al qaida....we are isis."

As the Indian said to the Lone Ranger..."Speak for yourself, White Man."

Is this guy doesn't realize there are two levels of society in a country....the Elite and then there's THE People....if he doesn't know this, then he's an idiot. We, THE People are NOT responsible for this.

Unknown said...

I'm surprised they ain't killed ken yet.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Allat Goddess,if you do not know Ken O'Keefe and his vast body of work, you don't know squat.

You are sounding like an absolute fool here, someone very new, naive and unaware of the things this man has said and done. If you DO know him and his work, which is obvious from your words, and you think him a fool, then you have a problem or you are a troll.

Before you criticize one of the few genuine heroes of today, study him before you open you mouth and make even more VERY FOOLISH comments.

Study Ken O'Keefe. I can guarantee you, Desktop warrior that you are, HE has put his body and life on the line many times and made history as he did so. He is loved by millions, speaks for millions, yet remains humble.

What can you contribute on the world stage other than foolishness?

Nona said...

al Haqiqa: Leave it to an islamic to have pretenses.

"as long as we are all fighting each other."


JUST WHAT are the islamics doing all over Europe, eh?
Threatening the locals, harrassing, RAPING women and girls, A N D, selling girls in the UK into sexual slavery, into brothels in the UK and sending the girls over to the islamic countries. Or did you NOT hear of the terrible happenings over there in England?! Eh?

How about YOU islamics in France, rioting and burning cars, and breaking store windows,EVERY SINGLE year?

WHO is dividing WHO?!

Get out of here!

A Latina Amazon Rebel

Nona said...

Yeah! I'm supposed to agree with EVERY single report or opinion of O'Keefe's, OR ELSE!

And when castigated, I'm supposed to back expected.

Yeah, like HELL!

1melahat said...

Actually, Noor is not muslim and she is of european decent as she has openly stated as such in interviews. Her name means somthing like "the light is real" relating to some sufi saying. She comes off as a reasonable, intelligent and kind hearted (basically the opposite of you) . She has a blog, snippets and snappits, where she posts funny and thought provoking alternative Saturday cartoons. On the other hand you come off like a hasbara troll trying to blame everything on mooslems when when in fact all abrahamic religions are to blame, especially the "chosen" who easily manipulate weak minded fools into hating as they do everyone else. Ken is a hero but you are nothing but a troll.

1melahat said...

Forgot to mention the irony that the avatar she uses is jewish actor Eva Geen from "Kingdom of Heaven" and she also played Artemesia, the persian adversary, in 300: Rise of an Empire.

Negentropic said...


Don't be so full (fool) of yourself and the magical "goodness" of the Abrahamic sewage of Christianity versus the Abrahamic sewage of Islam.

They both suck and are mental viruses and limited hangouts at best. They are traps for those who cannot find their own path of enlightenment, usually due to a lack of options. In the old days, even literacy was motivated by a desire to read the "holy buy-bull," rather than having it read by priests.

Well, those lack of options were not an excuse in most industrialized countries of the 20th century, since many bold individuals, including many women, freed themselves from the old shackles (shekels)& provided an example for the rest of the herd, became shepherds themselves. There is certainly no longer an excuse now with the internet age and practically everything in the biggest libraries in the world available to anyone within seconds at their fingertips. Even foreign language storehouses of know-ledge can be roughly translated and somewhat understood now in a matter of seconds. No need to learn 9 foreign languages yourself like Ezra Pound.

What were the holy Christians doing in America prior to 1920 when the age of consent for marriage (and legal sexual intercourse) in almost all American states was 10 or 12 years old?

Proving how far advanced their "morals" (more-for-all, more-from-all, simultaneously, the magic of win-win synergy, a whole greater than the sum of the individual parts, followed by individuation followed by more synergy, etc., not boneheaded "all-true-ism") were by marrying 10 year olds barely into puberty to 20, 30, and 40 year old men regularly when not men old enough to be their grandfathers?

How about in Delaware where the age of consent was 7 years old? What were the Christian Jew-on-a-stick worshippers doing over there? Raping children legally?

Isn't that nice?

So, you see, you have no moral "high ground" to preach from at all. Just a mere 10 decades ago, less than an eye-blink and 3 generations, women were slaves here too and had to use every wile and subterfuge and subtle means of warfare at their disposal in a life-&-death struggle to try to get any "freedom" at all for themselves, such as being able to marry a 17 year old they like instead of some old geezer their parents picked for them. Even in the Islamic Iran of today, at least they can become doctors and dentists and even ninja police (they have to keep their chadors on at all times, even while climbing down buildings with ropes, lol)

and whatnot while still remaining only half the worth of a man, legally speaking, and not even close to being "equal" as human beings before the law.

Negentropic said...

(continued . . . )

Well, the Jews just threw the WN's a bone. The borders will have to be relatively closed for a while or at least give that impression of "security" while other means of screwing you are being utilized from a hundred other directions. Just make sure you don't miss the hook for the bait, because it certainly is a previously manufactured and hoaxed PsyOp bait, and not a gift from Santa Claus>


What was that? This woman was just shot? She's happy that she was just almost killed? Oh yeah! They're not using actors this time, that's for sure! Real massacres were at hand, committed by those "racial inferiors," lol. Is this bitch and the scumbag interviewing her a "Moslem" too? Or maybe she's a "secret Jew" since according to WN's, white people are incapable of any evil unless the Jew suckers them into it, right? lol

Has anyone seen a more transparently fake acting job this side of the legendary Parkers (Andy from Virginia Tech & Robbie from Sandy Hoax)

and the fakest actors of all PsyOps history, the 9-11 "surfer" who claimed to have surfed down the entire WTC tower and survived (lol)

and Howard Lutnick of Cantor Fitzgerald?

And what the hell is the following bitch smiling about, just hours after a supposed massacre?

Thinking of her big payday and the nice long holiday (and maybe even permanent retirement) she'll take on it under a completely different name and with the entire power of the state protecting her "witness" status?

It’s nice to know that, yet again, people who witnessed the “tragedy” are so happy and full of laughter and joy only hours after the supposed “s-laughter.”

What heroically "strong" individuals! More inspiring than than those leg-less frauds in Boston.

By the way, how come there are no leg-less and foot-less frauds running around this time around smiling away on the covers of magazines at their good fortune? lol

Negentropic said...

Iranians are the only Moslems I know of considered fully Aryan by Hitler's Germany:

“Iranians were immune to the racial Nuremberg Laws on the grounds that they were pure blooded Aryans. In 1939, National Socialist Germany provided Iran with what they called a Germany Scientific Library. The library contained over 7500 books selected “to convince Iranian readers…of the kinship between the National Socialist Reich and the Aryan culture of Iran”(Lenczowski. 1944, p. 161). In various pro-Notsee publications, lectures, speeches, and ceremonies, parallels were drawn between the Shah of Iran and Hitler, and praised the charisma and virtue of the Fuhrerprinzip (Rezun. 1982, p. 29).

By some estimates, over 50% of the Iran's foreign trade during the reign of Reza Shah was with Germany. He was the pro-Hitler father of the CIA-puppet Shah installed in 1953 to oust Mossadeq, the real and fully Nationalist choice of the Iranian people. Unlike his much more religious puppet son, he was totally anticlerical, hated the Mullahs and priests and forbade all Moslem or Christian mental-virus indoctrination in schools. He was the one who changed the name Persia to Iran or "Land of the Aryans" during his rule, really pissing off the British and their Lawrence of Arabia era "Muslim Brotherhood" radicalizing of Islam, divide-&-conquer plans)

The facebook tribute page of one of the Shah’s Generals who was executed in 1979 by the radical Islamics:

1melahat said...

Good post Neg. Although currently most Iranians are hardly pure aryans since having arab, indian, asian dna, what's more jermaine is that the ancient culture is that of the noble aryan. During the Achaemenid era the empire was ruled by pure aryans. At that time you would have seen a lot of six foot two blond blue eyed persians in contrast to greeks who averaged five foot ten and had a darker completion. One of the aryan tribes who migrated to Europe around 2,500 years ago were the Germanyi (ger-man-ee-ee) who became the Germans. Most iranians fancy themselves as aryans because they have more reverence for the culture of the aryans than that of arabs. When I look at iranians today I see a whole lot of arab dna. Arabs basically took over much of the persian culture with their alphabet and backwards Islamic religion. There was a time when arabs wanted to ban farsi in persia and make arabic the official language. Hitler called persia "the light of the aryans" since he knew that's were his people originated from and he felt a kinship with his ancient homeland.

Unknown said...

Ken O’Keefe on the Paris attacks (Video, 17 mins.)
Admin November 20, 2015 24 Comments

“The idea that the West is fighting against ISIS is beyond ridiculous,” Ken O’Keefe points out in this PressTV video. ISIS is a creation of the US and Israel, and the Paris attacks need to be understood in this context.

Rodney Martin also makes an appearance.

I remember Ken saying when he was working with David Icke that he was going to be earning some money and paying some income tax soon. Looks like he's working for Presstv, good on him and good on Presstv for employing him.

I say: Ken, whena youa mova da lips youa gotta mova da armsa too.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Allat Goddess. It has been a long time since a joker like you came to my notice. Like all fools you assume that, because of my name I am Muslim. You also assume I am perhaps ignorant and have a slanted view of what is really going on in the world.

Wrong on all counts, baby-gurl. I was writing and warning and posting about about this stuff years ago. I won't bother to mention the names of folks I associate with because A> Name dropping is vainglorious; B> You have obviously not bothered to learn about me before becoming ridiculous; and C> I have been dealing with Zionist trolls for a very long time, rather successfully. Whether or not you are a troll remains to be seen, but no matter,you are not worth any more time.

Come back when you have had an attitude adjustment.

Thanks very much 1melahat for speaking up for me.