November 01, 2019


I attended this earlier today. We had great fun putting Antifa in their place. 

Is Canada really what you think it is?

This discussion is for entertainment purposes only and is of interest more to Canadians. I have looked at these types of concepts for a few years and in my opinion they contain truth. I would not however spend a huge amount  of time on this. Just my opinion. It would be nice to see a watershed moment concerning the reality of these concepts  regarding the "legal fictions" we have been turned into by contracting into statutes if nothing else.We have unknowingly contracted into being voluntary slaves with reduced rights which is perfectly legal.  There are some interesting Canadian constitutional discussions and a discussion on the legitimacy of Canada as a real country.  Thought provoking if nothing else.Also an interesting discussion concerning the  "kitchen accord and Patriation" .I haven't seen many individual victories in tax court , but it is  organized crime outfit, so its not surprising. Would be nice if we all understood this scam though. Your mileage may vary. Have fun!

Kitchen Accord