Thursday, August 23, 2012

The National Intel Report with John Stadtmiller 2012.08.23

Guest: Gordan Duff

John forgot his Quaaludes at home today, so he spent the first half of the show working himself up into a rant and screamed at the listeners and for the second half of the show, Gordan Duff saved the day by bringing John a bottle of Jack and enough downers to calm him down before he blew a another vein.


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Mike Rivero - What Really Happened 2012.08.23

Pellagra shown to be dietary disease1915; Bad gas: 100,000 could be affected; Pentagon: Plans in Place to Seize Syria's Chemical Weapons;Russia: We have guarantees Assad won't move or use Syria's chemical weapons;Syrian false flag planned?; BOMBSHELL: US Neo-Cons, State Department Behind Terror Wave in Russia; CIA spies 'smuggle 14 Stinger missiles into Syria so rebels can take out regime warplanes'; UN nuke agency forms special `action team' to investigate Iran's nuclear program;Anti-Iran rhetoric reflects US-Israel implosive crises: Analyst ;`US-Israeli warmongering against Iran illegal under UN Charter';Israel unlikely to warn U.S. in advance of attack on Iran;Editorial: Israel war talk fails to ignite U.S. debate;UN's Ban to Attend Iran Summit Over Israel's Opposition;Hizbullah Holds 'Unprecedented' Maneuver;North Lebanon Ceasefire Crumbles, 12 More Killed;Pakistan summons US diplomat over assassination drone attacks;China real target for US missile shield in Asia' ;Worthless 'bomb detectors' put Iraqi lives at risk;We'll make a killing out of food crisis, Glencore trading boss Chris Mahoney boasts - Independent;Investors pull another $2.7 billion out of stocks;Now even his friends are bailing out: Mark Zuckerberg suffers another blow as Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz dumps nearly 500,000 shares in the social networking giant;Global Experts Poll: Economic Confidence Plummets to Lowest Level in Five Quarters ;CBO predicts recession for US next year;Federal Reserve leaning toward more stimulus;Banking malfeasance "Price signals are the lifeblood of the market" - Manipulating prices poisons the well; September 12th German Court Decision = COLLAPSE of the Euro Zone - Alasdair Macleod ;Kucinich champions Lincoln Greenbacks, N.E.E.D. Bill To End The Fed; IMF Says Bailouts Iceland-Style Hold Lessons in Crisis Times;Silver Paper Trading in Crisis: Why Backwardation is so Important for Silver ;Explosion of credit cards with interest rates as high as 50% target middle-class borrowers with patchy credit scores ;Russian Lawmakers Seek to Strip Central Bank of Independence; Tropical Storm Isaac threatens Republican National Convention, Florida; Is Palin Making Her Move? Will She Be THE One to Topple the House of Cards?;Ben Swann update on the delegates ;UPDATE! RNC Rules Rumor in Tampa: Attempt Fails to Change Nominations Rule From 5 State Plurality to 10 States; Delegate vote moved to Monday; U.S. joins false claims suit against Gallup polling firm; Obama and Romney fight it out in new iPhone game (10Pics); David Letterman Presents Political Ad Showing What Really Happened To Bin Laden; A GALLERY OF FAKE DEAD BIN LADENS; Paul Ryan Touts His Foreign Policy Cred: I Voted For War In Congress; Like OJ Simpson, Rachel Corrie's Parents Needed a Civil Lawsuit Against the Israeli Govt for the Murder of Their Daughter - Nine Years Later, A Verdict?; U.S.: ISRAELI PROBE INTO RACHEL CORRIE'S MURDER WAS BOGUS; Former CEO of McDonald's dies of colon cancer at age of 44 ; Head football coach and father-of-three escorted off pitch and arrested for 'owning and producing child pornography'; Macs traded for plastic surgery, hard drives used as skateboards and a shrine to an irate customer: Shocking secrets from ex-staff of America's most corrupt Apple store ; Stockholm enjoys six 'summer' days in 2012; SKorean judges block law requiring real names online, ruling it restricts freedom of speech;German customs seized a $1.2 million violin from a Japanese professional musician and are demanding she pay almost $500,000 to get it back; Yes, fluoride makes you stupid; Carbon tax now destroying Australian economic prosperity; Cops Interrogate Family For Allowing Kids To Play Outside; Former Greeley pastor charged with possessing child pornography; 65 Year Old CA Woman Shoots and Fights Off FIVE Armed Robbers

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No Agenda Show for Thursday August 23d 2012 " Swasselnuff "

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Spingola Speaks 2012.08.23

Guest: Dr. Carolyn Dean talked about breast cancer and natural remedies as opposed to surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. She also talked about Tamoxifen, known to be a carcinogen.

Tamoxifen: Friend or Foe
One Nation Under Drugs
Tamoxifen, Tears and Terror

Deanna's site


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Scott Horton 2012.08.22

First interview: Giorgio Cafiero

Giorgio Cafiero of Foreign Policy in Focus discusses how Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s support for Syria’s rebellion has alienated Turkey’s own religious minorities; how Syrian President Assad uses the Kurds to retaliate and stir up trouble for Turkey; US interest in realpolitik, not humanitarian relief, in Syria; how a Sunni-dominated government in Syria would tilt regional power toward Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood, marginalizing Iran; why Syria’s rebels should have used nonviolent opposition instead of taking up arms; and the Iraqi refugees in Syria returning home – and not because Iraq is suddenly prosperous and safe.(Duration: 25:00 — 5.7MB)

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Second interview: Pepe Escobar

Asia Times journalist Pepe Escobar discusses why war and foreign policy aren’t issues in this year’s presidential election; how Syria has become a battleground in Middle East power politics; the Arab Spring hijacking; US fears about high-level Egypt/Iran talks and improving relations; indications President Obama has ruled out direct US intervention in Syria; how a Greater Kurdistan would balkanize four countries and aid the US/Israel divide and conquer strategy for the region; and the Turkish army’s questionable loyalty and effectiveness.(Duration: 36:54 — 8.4MB)

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No Agenda Global Radio

David Duke Show 2012.08.23

Today: Dr. David Duke and former Marine Ken O'Keefe discuss the real terrrorists in the Mideast and the horrific treason of American politicians supporting the Zionist State that has committed terrorism and treachery against America. Also discussed are the political games being played by Obama and Romney which is absolutely no choice at all for America!

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The Jack Blood Show 2012.08.23

No Guest

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No Agenda Global Radio
Deadline Live

Christopher Bollyn and Dr. Steven E. Jones on Call-in Show May 25, 2012

9-11 Research

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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2012.08.23

Guest: Rich, host of Truth Militia Radio

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Truth Militia Radio 2012.08.19

Episode #5 – Zionists Exposed & What Alex Jones Won’t Tell You!

On this 5th episode of “Truth Militia Radio” we took a look into the following topics: Israel Sets Deadline for US to Attack Iran, Zionist Organized Crime, Rabbis arrested over massive Crime Ring, and we exposed the Alex Jones operation.

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Truth Militia Radio

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2012.08.22

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Tim Rifat - US Plans To Destroy Syria, Iran & Russia

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Joel Skousen - World Affairs Brief

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Joseph Curto - JoeTalk Talks! JoeTalk - China Buying Up
Everything That's Worth Anything
- Vid 
JoeTalk - The Best Rants Of Them All, Part 1 - Vid
JoeTalk - The Best Rants Of Them All, Part 2 - Vid

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Frank O'Collins - America the Sea of Souls 2012.08.22

 More and more people are waking up every day to the fact that they are not the “WE” referred to in the Constitution of the United States. Whether it be through a cruel experience with the courts, or experience of the rampant piracy of alphabet agencies hell-bent on extracting outrageous fines, or simply the reckless abandon of politicians and large financial institutions to get away with virtually whatever they want.
Talk is cheap, where is the proof?

The problem has been proof. You may have heard or read that the courts now operate under Admiralty as well as other law- how can this be proven and explained?  You may have heard that the United States is nothing more than a “for profit” corporation- where is the proof and how did this happen?

This is the goal of this latest broadcast and the links below- to provide some of this evidence from the very laws that made it all possible.

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 Frank O'Collins (Workshop in Sydney January 2012)

Topics:  Western Roman Law & The Financial System
Slide show - Western Roman Law pdf
The basis of the current western financial/legal system, and (some of) its corruptions. The Roman Cult (Vatican). Estate Law. Trust Law. Cestui Que Vie Trusts. How did we get here?

Part 1/4 - What do the words Attorney and Barrister really mean? Who do lawyers really serve? What is competence at law? Knowing who and what you are. Who is the 'head honcho' of the system? Language trickery to bring about dishonour.

Part 2 -

Part 2/4 - Testing Competency. Public Notice versus Free Will. What is 'the law'? Where does it come from? Canon Law. Roman Law foundations. Origin of maxims. Auricular Law. Knowing who you are.

Part 3 -

Part 3/4 - Contesting and rebutting claims. Counterclaims. Hierarchy of law. Property and Trusts. Vatican claims. Papal Bulls. Jesuits. Franciscans. Cestui Que Vie Trusts. Testamentary Trusts. General Executor.

Part 4 -

Part 4/4 - Testamentary Trusts. First claim of us as property in trust. Vatican occult ritual on us. Papal Bulls. Transubstantiation. Bank of International Settlements. Reserve Banks as private institutions. Cestui Que Vie Trusts. Queens Bench and Kings Bench of Trustees.