February 25, 2022

Putin's Latest 'Public Truth' On Ukraine & Puppet Trudope's Little Ventriloquist - Sundance, Patrick Boyle, Russell Bentley, JP Sears, TDV

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 Sundance – The Conservative Treehouse
Odd Little Note on the Puppet Handler of Trudeau
 Sundance – The Conservative Treehouse
Why Wasn’t Russia Cut Off From SWIFT?
Patrick Boyle
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Did Russia Surgically Strike 8 Secret US Run Bio Labs In Ukraine? - Salty Cracker, Yoichi Shimatsu, Sheikh Imran Hosein, The Duran - Ottawa Aftermath with Tom Marazzo

Viva Frei

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Sheikh Imran Hosein - Dec 18, 2021

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Promises, Promises - Where In Ukraine Is The American Hero Hunter Biden?
By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense.com

Where’s Hunter now that he’s needed?

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Moscow has endured more than 35 years of nonstop NATO threats, political meddling, financial fraud, attempted theft of energy resources, phony “human rights” campaigning and hysterical Western media accusations. In the context of nonstop EU-NATO harassment, opportunist Ukrainians with itchy palms were used (or rather allowed themselves to be used) as pawns of Western piratical interests, as in the Burisma energy scandal, which saw a drug-addled Hunter Biden receive more than $3 million in bribes in exchange for diplomatic influence over the Obama White House and congressional Democrats.

Where now could the American hero Hunter Biden be hiding from Russian special forces? Ukraine was a mere instrument of anti-Russian propaganda to be played in exchange for molah. With that ill-gotten bribery Hunter Biden moved into a 4-story house in the art colony Venice, California, where he posed as an “artist” (no doubt of the psychedelic school of mud painting). Then due to influx of homeless vagrants under Southern California’s sanctuary city policy, which provided drugs and syringes to addicts, Hunter moved out to parts unknown. Most certainly, since he owes ripped-off Ukrainians a bundle of Hryvnia notes on a cold winter’s day, Hunter could now play the hero by parachuting into the Donestsk battleground, with a Barrett rifle instead of a brush to splatter colors on canvas. The coward for his next scam is likelier planning to establish a “charity” to collect donations for “Ukrainian orphans”.