August 07, 2015

Christianity and Islam: a Jewish conspiracy

Watch the Video on You Tube to hear what they're *really* all about.
The protocol of Zion (Jewish handbook for world takeover) reveals to us that All Abrahamic religions are a Jewish plot and conspiracy to enslave our minds and prepare our minds for the Jew world order. Protocol no 14.1:
"When we come into our kingdom it will be undesirable for us that there should exist any other religion than ours of the One God with whom our destiny is bound up by our position as the Chosen People and through whom our same destiny is united with the destinies of the world. We must therefore sweep away all other forms of belief. If this gives birth to the atheists whom we see to-day, it will not, being only a transitional stage, interfere with our views, but will serve as a warning for those generations which will hearken to our preaching of the religion of Moses, that, by its stable and thoroughly elaborated system has brought all the peoples of the world into subjection to us."
(Christianity and Islam: a Jewish conspiracy)

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British Special Forces "Dressing Up" As ISIS...What Could Go Wrong?

Caravan to Midnight ep. #346: Chuck Coppes - America's Financial Reckoning

John B Wells interviews Chuck Coppes and discusses the financial mess that America and the world finds itself in. Debt spirals, the future of the economy and the disaster known as the Federal Reserve are analyzed in great detail.  I've only had time to listen to the first hour, so if the second two hours suck, don't come crying to me...

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Spingola and Friends 8/6/2015

Long Live the Confederacy and Individual Rights - selections from The Ruling Elite, A Study in Imperialism, Genocide and Emancipation

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The New Babylon - PDF
Who Controls America?


David Duke Show 2015.08.07

Dr. Duke broke down last night's Republican presidential candidates debate, which Fox News used as a vehicle to lynch Donald Trump. He offered this as an example of Controlled Opposition that is in complete subervience to the Jewish supremacists who rule America, as illustrated by all the candidates vilification of Iran and support for Israel.
He and Dr. Slattery discussed how the abortion issue is exploited to divide Americans (particularly European Americans) as well as marginalize conservatives by getting them to support extreme positions with no hope of majority support. The candidates voiced their support for forcing rape victims to bear the offspring of their attackers, which is the ultimate in cuckoldry!

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U.S. escalating military role in Syria

MSM To Pro-Vaxxers: Don't Argue The Facts, Show Scary Pictures!

The Vaccine industry, Big Pharma, and the mainstream media have some advice for vaccine zealots attempting to bully parents questioning the safety or effectiveness of vaccines into changing their minds – Don’t argue the facts! Show scary pictures!
Articles like “How To Change An Anti-Vaxxer’s Mind” by Jeffrey Kloger of TIME, are a perfect example of the recent propaganda blitz coming from the mainstream media. Kloger’s article is being quickly copied and rewritten in mainstream media outlets all across the country with the real vitriol being found in the more trendy hipster markets.

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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2015.08.06

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Andy Gause - US Gold Coins & The Economy

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