January 01, 2023

“Something Big Is On the Way” - Yukon Jack, Alexander Mercouris & Mike Whitney, Epstein's Connections - Whitney Webb, Weaponized Weather - Dane Wigington, Dumb Cities - Eyes is Watchin', 2022 Review - JP Sears, Free The Zewz - Amazing Polly, E. Moishe Jones on Logos

“The Russians have decided there is no way to negotiate an end to this. No one will negotiate in good faith; therefore we must crush the enemy. And that’s what’s coming.” - Colonel Douglas MacGregor
"The plan is Greater Israel and Putin has squashed that plan.
They stepped on a Jewish hornet’s nest and Netanyahu is not about to back down." - Yukon Jack
Satan YahWho is Mad as israHell

Whitney Webb's New Book on Jeffrey Epstein's Deep Connections