August 10, 2016

Blackbird9's Breakfast Club Podcast # 35 - 2016.08.10

The Scribes Scribbles And Spaces Of History

Welcome to Blackbird9's Breakfast Club Wednesday podcast.

In the First Hour Host Frederick C. Blackburn will cover the recent chaotic events brought on by the teachings of the Frankfurt School Marxists. Frederick will also continue with part 5 of the new series "A Higher Understanding of History" that counters the pointless Cultural Marxist ideology. Featured are authors Dr. Carl G. Jung, Dr. Marie Louise von Franz and Mr. Joseph Campbell.

The Second Hour of Blackbird9's Breakfast Club Frederick will use his 9 Layer History Truth Vector model to map out the historical timelines recorded by Herodotus, Flavius Josephus, Archbishop James Ussher and H.G. Wells and analyze the emphasis put on history by each of these scribes.

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The Raw Deal With Jim Fetzer 2016.08.09

Hillary's apparent illness; Update on her emails.
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The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2016.08.10

Show Highlights: HERE

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The People Speak with Steve Johnson 2016.08.09

Guest:  Kurt Haskell

BBS Radio


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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2016.08.10

Charles continues the discussion of Kristallnacht and failed negotiations with Poland and then gets into the horrors of war, unleashed upon the world, specifically intended to decimate the German folk.

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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2016.08.09

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Devvy Kidd - America In Crisis

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Tim Rifat - UK Drowning In Muslims

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Dick Allgire & Courtney Brown - Remote Viewing

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David Duke Show 2016.08.10

Dr. Duke and Atty Don Advo discuss the hard realities and horrors that lie ahead for our people unless we have a true political revolution.

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