January 14, 2015

The Debate - Fake Muslims (Part 1 of 2)

See Fake Muslims (Part 2 of 2) here
*U.S. creates ISIL(ISIS)

The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2015.01.14

Getting Ahead with A Mortgage and An Old Used Car

-The interest the USG pays you to borrow money for 30 years is 2.39% – this is artificially low to keep
30 year mortgage rates under 4% to keep houses and the economy moving
-Lots of conversation about the benefits of owning a home on credit, using credit as a blessing and always having a mortgage going, even when you rent your living quarters
-Andy and others estimate around 200 Billion per month is being wagered on keep the derivatives market going by the NY Fed
-Retail sales over Christmas – the worst numbers since 2009
-Andy gives a good explanation of the labor pool, the participation rates/eligible to work pool, and how it
is possible USG says the “unemployment” rate is 5.5%?
-Consolidation is another word for the rich guys buying up more stuff from the people in trouble…world wide
-And another good explanation of how the NY Fed works and how they are able to give back 98 billion to the Treasury and still “make” mountains of money for themselves.
-Why not buying a new car on credit makes all the sense in the world
-Some discussion on the Paris shootings; were they just another false flag?
-The oil situation, how we got here, who got us here and the reasons for same?

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Voice of Albion with Paul Hickman 2015.01.14

Wayne Jarvie

Wayne Jarvie is a National Socialist from Yorkshire, Northern England. Wayne is a National Action Activist, he also supports the British Movement (BM). He was active in the English Defence League (EDL) between 2009 – 2012. He was involved in the National Front (NF) between 2012 and the end of 2014.
National Action speech on Rotherham (link)
http://national-action.info/ (link)
British Movement (link)

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David Duke Show 2015.01.14

Another Blockbuster Show with Dr. Duke and Dr. Patrick Slattery.
Dr. Duke begins by talking about the last few days of massive derogatory Zio Media attacks upon him. He points out how the listeners of this show know the real David Duke and he put it this way, "My writings, shows, lectures, videos prove instantly that WHAT THEY SAY I SAY IS NOT WHAT I ACTUALLY SAY!
He shares with the listeners some of the early history, the true, unfiltered history of a famous American who is known throughout the world, and actually supported and loved by people all over the world -- as shown by his sky high video approval ratings in literally every nation on Earth.
Then, he delves into the Charlie Hebdo terrorism and shows how the Zionists are directly responsible for it.
He passionately shows how every people on Earth have the fundamental human right to preserve their nations, their heritage, their culture and their faith, and that no people on earth would favor into their own nations the massive immigration that has been forced upon Europe by the Zio-corrupted politicians.
Also, he discusses how ISIS was an inspiration for the attacks and Zio controlled policy in the USA, France and Great Britain to destroy the truly secular, moderate government in France and support the jihadist terrorists -- has led directly to this rampant terrorism. Again, the attack against Syria was totally based on the fact that Israel hates Syria for supporting the Lebanese and the Palestinian people.
What Israel wants, is what Zio controlled America, UK and France does.
Dr. Slattery comes on and shares with the strange tale from the Jewish Press about Netanyahu acting like a Stereotypical Jewish, pushy, loud, obnoxious tourist.
He also exposes how although Freedom of Speech was the catch word for the march, the truth is that the Zionists suppress real freedom of Speech.
Great Show, share and also support David Duke's great work with your gifts at http://www.davidduke.com !

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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2015.01.13

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Eileen Durfee - Amazing Ozone

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Mike - Weather Manipulation - Brutal Cold In US, Melting Arctic Methane 1-9-15 - Vid

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Joel Skousen - World Affairs Analysis

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Popular Vitamin/Mineral Supplement Loaded with Aluminum, Fluoride and Phosphates from Sewage or Industrial Waste!

Alex Jones obviously wants you all DEAD ;)

UPDATE 15/01/2014: To be clear, I had no idea what the toxicological results would be before having the testing done (how could I of?) and I OBVIOUSLY wanted the results to be conclusively in Youngevity’s favor. I had taken their products for years, got my son and parents on it as well as many friends! Needless to say we have all stopped.
I always assumed, as I am sure many of you have, that Youngevity tested their products before putting them on the market and that they did regular “quality control” inspections to keep their products up to standards.
Had the tests come back negative, i.e. no heavy metals or other toxins, the title of this post would have read “Rest assured, independant lab tests prove Youngevity’s BTT 2.0 is clean” or something to that effect.
It was so expensive to do all this testing (over $800) that I was planning to post the results one way or the other, but I never expected the results we found.
I know that this information is a shock (it was to me), but would you have prefered I keep the results to myself? Don’t you think you have a right to know what’s in what you are taking? Personnally I was very shaken and distraught when I first got the results. I called the lab techs immediately.
The testers assured me that the results were correct, as they always do multiple testing, especially when they get high contaminant values, as in this case. They even had to do the fluoride testing separately to measure it correctly (at an added expense to me).
Don’t be mad at me, I am but the messenger. I never said BTT 2.0 does not contain all the good stuff they claim it does, although I am not so confident now.
If attacking me legally or otherwise for telling the truth will make BTT 2.0 a better product, so be it. But perhaps Youngevity should rather put their energies into eliminating the contaminants from their products, if they can.

I had taken Youngevity’s Beyond Tangey Tangerine 2.0 (BTT 2.0) daily ever since it was introduced last year and had taken the Original BTT long before that. Several months ago I had BTT 2.0 tested by an independent Swiss laboratory and it was found to be “unfit for human consumption“.

I thought about suing Youngevity or threatening to expose them if they did not refund me for all the years I took their poison. But my conscience told me it was more important to warn people…
The choice is yours…take it or not…but at least now you can make an intelligent choice!


New Yorkers denounce city council trip to Israel and Israeli training of NYC Police

*More information here