December 12, 2015

Spingola Speaks 12/11/2015

Deanna's guest was Mark R. Elsis. He talked about the Pearl Harbor scam and the assassination of John Lennon.

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The Graham Hart Show 2015.12.08

  • Judaism and the Talmud
  • The Superior Complex of the Jew
  • Top ten reasons why Goyim are inferior
  • Jews, Jews, Jews!
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LIVE!!! ZZ Top "Waitin' for the Bus"/Jesus Just Left Chicago " 2010

UK Army Having Trouble Recruiting Cannon Fodder - Good News Next Week

Mike Harris comments, Iraq will do whatever necessary to protect its sovereignty against Turkey: Abadi
*‘US, NATO testing Russia's patience’
*Tracking ISIS to DC’s Doorsteps

Norman Dodd Interview - The Hidden Agenda for World Government

1982 interview with Norman Dodd speaking about the numerous powerful foundations whose secret agenda to promote world government dates back to 1908. Documents were uncovered that the bankers worked hand in glove with the Foundations to help create WWI and WWII, take over the education system, shift the culture and produce a docile and ignorant population. Norman Dodd had powerful connections with banks and the elite of the United States. This interview was conducted a few weeks before his death.

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Michael Aydinian comments, Blair facing MPs questions over Libya


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