December 12, 2015

Norman Dodd Interview - The Hidden Agenda for World Government

1982 interview with Norman Dodd speaking about the numerous powerful foundations whose secret agenda to promote world government dates back to 1908. Documents were uncovered that the bankers worked hand in glove with the Foundations to help create WWI and WWII, take over the education system, shift the culture and produce a docile and ignorant population. Norman Dodd had powerful connections with banks and the elite of the United States. This interview was conducted a few weeks before his death.

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BillyBob said...

Great interview Scorpio.. The Reece Commission that Norman Dodd was head of research for, is NWO/Rothschild Gold! Mr. Dodd ranks right up there with Eustace Mullins if You ask Me. He could smell the rats dying in a Bolshevik Prison, and did His best to stop it! The fact that He failed is no reflection on Him!

1776blues said...

I believe its also when Rockefeller and another powerful family either Morgan or Carnegie via funding by Rothschild formed the American Historical Society using 20 or 25 College students to begin rewriting history.

1776blues said...

I think Norman Dodd objected to the creation of Israel too. Not sure where, but I remember hearing this.

Govhater said...

Hell yeah. Nice!!

Zeetip said...

Thx Scorpio, good talk. Other than Dodd's name ringing a bell for me, I really knew nothing about him before. Reposted as a thread at gs-us,

Near the end of this interview, Dodd mentioned being accused of Anti-Shlomo-Ism for his having on his staff Denis Fahey, author of "Waters Flowing Eastward." Find the full text and amazon listing of that book in the opening post at:

Also catch this 1 hour interview: "Norman Dodd and Stan Monteith - The Enemy Within [Foundations]"

Scorpio, your handle/pw should be good to go @ gs-us now. :)

Anonymous said...

The Rockefeller Foundation is a big one that has benefited from tax-exempt status, and one of their lesser-known activities was funding Ludwig von Mises for several years -- the proponent of a supposed challenge to Keynesian economics, yet both Keynes and Mises never touch usury, and that is a big reason why the Rockefeller Fund funded him, despite Tom Woods claiming it was no big deal.