November 08, 2014

Dennis Fetcho, Inside the Eye Live 2014.11.08

Dennis Fetcho, aka "The Fetch", is an American ex-patriot living in Amman, Jordan.  He is the author of the Illuminatus Observor, a blog regarded by many as simply the finest Hermetic Qaballa blog in all of blogdom.  The Fetch also has a second site called"Inside The Eye"
Intelligent media for the politically aware.

Hour 1 - Current Global News Analysis
Hour 2 - Arthur Topham, Editor, Radical Press
Hour 3 - Current Global News Analysis

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Websites: illuminatusobservor.blogspot   inside the eye live
Revolution Radio @ Freedom

Truthers Beware! Government Now Using Criminal Run Sites to Silence Truth!

A warning from Internut Guru Dahboo7:
"Truthers beware The Government is now using websites like Ripoffreport and Thedirty to make made up slanderous post of truthers they see as a threat."

New Amazon Device Uses Voice Recognition to Track Users in Their Homes

Do you *REALLY* want to spend your own cash to place an NSA listening Post inside your own home?
Amazon unveiled its new digital assistant the “Echo” this week, a cloud-connected device that is “always on.”
Controlled by a user’s voice, Amazon boasts the device’s ability to answer questions, provide weather updates, and play music.
“Amazon Echo is designed around your voice. It’s always on—just ask for information, music, news, weather, and more,” Amazon states. “Echo begins working as soon as it hears you say the wake word, ‘Alexa.’ It’s also an expertly-tuned speaker that can fill any room with immersive sound.”
While the Echo is always activated, Amazon assures its customers that “Alexa” will only listen when a user asks.
Given Amazon’s history of selling privacy-invading devices, such as the company’s “Fire Phone,” the safety of any collected personal information is in question, especially in light of recent news surrounding cloud security.

Israeli Iron Fist Ruthlessness By Stephen Lendman 11-7-14

On Thursday, US Joint Chiefs Chairman General Martin Dempsey lied claiming Israel went to "extraordinary lengths" to prevent Operation Protective Edge civilian casualties.
Over 80% were noncombatants. Including hundreds of women and children. Willfully targeted.
Including in clearly designated UN shelters. Residential homes. Hospitals. Mosques. Schools. Other non-military locations.
Dempsey outrageously claimed what he knows is untrue. Ignoring cold, calculated, premeditated Israeli naked aggression. Saying:
"I actually do think that Israel went to extraordinary lengths to limit collateral damage and civilian casualties."
"In this kind of conflict, where you are held to a standard that your enemy is not held to, you’re going to be criticized for civilian casualties," he added.
"The IDF is not interested in creating civilian casualties. They're interested in stopping the shooting of rockets and missiles out of the Gaza Strip and into Israel."
Israel considers civilians, non-military infrastructure and facilities unrelated to military necessity legitimate targets.
Dempsey lied claiming otherwise. Absolving Israeli high crimes. Similar to US lawlessness. Ruthless by any standard.

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*Israel Keeping Palestine in State of Poverty, Fear 
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*Binyamin Netanyahu: Obnoxious, pathological liar
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*Gazans were slaughtered. The European Union has no comments.
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Monsanto has gone into full bullshit mode!!! Monsanto's New Commercial.
Monsanto thinks that consumers should drop all those pesky questions about the company's dark past, the lack of independent safety testing, their fight against GMO labeling, their aggressive litigation that puts farmers out of business and the devouring of the majority of the world's food supply and crops.
Apparently, they'd like you to forget over one hundred years of genocidal history.

*Monsanto's New PR Commercial Will Make You Queasy

ISIS: the Useful Enemy

The dark force of ISIS is apparently an invincible and unstoppable war juggernaut that is mercilessly killing and conquering in pursuit of establishing an Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. In reality, however, it is not as out of control as it appears. It is, indeed, carefully controlled and managed by its creators and supporters, that is, by the United States and its allies in the region—those who now pretend to have established a coalition to fight it! The U.S., Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and other allies in the region do not really need to fight ISIS to (allegedly) destroy it; all they need to do to extinguish its hellish flames is stop supplying fuel for its fire, that is, stop supplying it with funds, mercenaries, military training and armaments.
 The U.S. approach to ISIS would be better understood when it is viewed in the context of its overall objectives in the region—and beyond. That overriding objective, shared and reinforced by its client states, is to undermine or eliminate “the axis of resistance,” consisting of Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas and, to a lesser extent, Shia forces in Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.
To intervene in order to achieve these goals, the U.S. and its allies need pretexts and/or enemies—even if it means inventing or manufacturing such enemies. Without ISIS, resumption of U.S. military operations in Iraq and extension of those operations into Syria would have been difficult to justify to the American people. A year or so ago, the Obama administration’s drive to attack Syria was thwarted by the opposition from the American people and, therefore, the U.S. congress. The rise of ISIS quickly turned that opposition to support.
Viewed in this light, ISIS can be seen as essentially another (newly manufactured) instrument in the tool-box of U.S. foreign policy, which includes “global terrorism,” the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, weapons of mass destruction, Iran’s nuclear technology, Al-Qaeda, and many other radical Islamic groupings—all by-products of, or blowbacks to, imperialistic U.S. foreign policies.
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Surprise: The Drug War Isn’t About Drugs

Perhaps the biggest joke is that the War on Drugs is fought to reduce drug use. No doubt many people involved in the domestic enforcement side of the Drug War actually believe this, but the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand’s doing. The narcotics trade is an enormous source of money for the criminal gangs that control it, and guess what? The US intelligence community is one of the biggest criminal drug gangs in the world, and the global drug trade is a great way for it to raise money to do morally repugnant stuff it can’t get openly funded by Congress. It’s been twenty years since journalist Gary Webb revealed the Reagan cabinet’s collusion with drug cartels in marketing cocaine inside the United States, to raise money for the right-wing Contra death squads in Nicaragua — a revelation he was gaslighted and driven to suicide for by the US intelligence community and mainstream press.
Now we hear that the US is “losing the drug war in Afghanistan.” Well, obviously — it’s a war that’s designed to be lost. The Taliban were so easy to overthrown in the fall of 2001 because they really did try to stamp out opium poppy cultivation, and with a fair degree of success. This didn’t sit well with the Afghan populace, which traditionally makes a lot of money growing poppies. But the Northern Alliance — which the United States turned into the national government of Afghanistan — was quite friendly to poppy cultivation in its territory. When the Taliban was overthrown, poppy and heroin cultivation resumed normal levels. Putting the US in charge of a “war on drugs in Afghanistan” is like putting Al Capone in charge of alcohol prohibition.
Besides, actually “winning” the drug war would mean ending it. And who in US domestic law enforcement wants to cut off the source of billions in federal aid and military equipment, militarized SWAT teams and unprecedented surveillance and civil forfeiture powers? This is a war meant to go on forever, just like the so-called War on Terror.
The state always encourages moral panic and “wars” on one thing or another in order to keep us afraid, so we’ll give it more power over our lives. Don’t believe its lies.
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Scott Horton 2014.11.06

Charlotte Silver

Charlotte Silver, an independent journalist based in Oakland, California, discusses the prosecution of Chicago resident Rasmea Odeh for immigration violations, based on her conviction on terrorism charges in Israel in 1969 after she was brutally tortured into confessing.

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Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2014.11.07

Ralph Schoenman on blocking Israeli shipping, Jim Fetzer on Sean Dix & JFK

First hour: Alternative radio legend and 9/11 truth supporter Ralph Schoenman discusses the successful "block the boat" campaign against Israeli-government-owned Zim Shipping Lines. A Zim cargo ship was recently forced to turn back after numerous unsuccessful attempts to dock at the Port of Oakland - thanks to the Longshoreman's Union rank and file, who defied their own leadership as well as the Zionist Power Configuration and its local reps. (Zim's owners had foreknowledge of 9/11 and broke their lease to move out of the World Trade Center just days before the attack.)  During the second half of the hour Ralph discusses the history of false flag attacks.

Second hour: JFK assassination and 9/11 expert Jim Fetzer discusses the exceedingly strange case of Sean Dix, who may have been poisoned with a fluoride-benzene mix by a dentist working for a CIA assassination ring that protects corporate power brokers - in this case, Johnson & Johnson. During the second half of the hour Jim discusses the JFK assassination and the upcoming 51st anniversary.

Kevin's blog

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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2014.11.07

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Deborah Tavares - Water, Water Everywhere?

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Rense' site

Outcast Radio with Don Campbell 2014.11.07

Guest: James Perloff.  Main topic: Pearl Harbor


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This Difficult Individual: Ezra Pound by Eustace Mullins (1961) PDF

Ezra Pound: Poet, artist, free-thinker and the inspiration for Eustace Mullins to pen Secrets of the Federal Reserve in 1951. Now an underground classic, Mullins' book was first to reveal the private/corporate nature of America's central bank. (G. Edward Griffith is often accredited with originally revealing the information, but that simply is not true).

In 'Difficult Individual',  Mullins takes the reader on a biographical journey of Ezra Pound's life: From growing up in rural Idaho during the late 1800's  to  becoming a leading poet/linguist in 1920's Europe.  

Pound helped open an artistic exchange between British and American writers  and was famous for advancing the careers of  Robert Frost and T.S. Elliot. He also had a profound influence on Irish writers, W.B. Yeats and James Joyce. 

During WWII, Pound hosted a shortwave radio show from Mussolini's Italy  and later became  a POW charged with treason by the FDR administration. Fearing the death penalty, he was forced into a plea deal and became an unwilling inhabitant of St. Elizabeth's hospital for 12 years. 

Pound's life is an amazing story and Mullins' biography is a time-machine journey into the past  -  Well worth the time to read.

This Difficult Individual: Ezra Pound  by Eustace Mullins PDF File :

Secrets of the Federal Reserve - Mullins (1951) PDF: