July 12, 2020

Germany- The Covid 19 Extra Parliamentary Inquiry Committee- Finally Some Common Sense!

Dave Allen Live: On Life (COMPLETE)

             It's the weekend so sit back and forget the bullshit for 90 mins and watch and listen to the genius that was the late great Dave Allen talking about the absurdities of life. Hilarious!!

The Blabblers Say The Grabblers Are Coming For Our Children

H1N1 found in a pig in China!
Bunny Ebola is coming to town!
The Bubonic Plague hits Mongolia!
They Are Coming For Your Children

The Orthodox Nationalist on Khazaria
Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Research
Expedition Update Day 14 - Dana Durnford
Trump is in on the Covid Hoax, Nurse tells all
We the Government Are Your Only Source of Truth

E. Michael Jones Protests YouTube Ban - Kevin Barrett
The “Global Crisis needs Global Governance” Narrative

What Is National Socialism In Truth? - by Vertigo Politix
Studies show that whistleblowers are prone to "suicide"...
Freemason and Secret Society Expert James Robert Wright
Worldwide Population Being Tortured In Deep State Psyop
MASK OFF - The Artist as Warlord - COVID-NWO Agenda
Eminem ANTI-MASKER Rant - Are mandatory masks legal?!

The Age of The Pathogen
8 Videos & More
  UAP - Dan Dicks - Richie From Boston - Computing Forever -
Barricade Garage - Ice Age Farmer - Monika Schaefer - aplanetruth - Vinny Eastwood - Dana Durnford - Captain Ahab - Albert - Zeebra - Panzerfaust - Holly Woodrow? 

WHO are the Grabblers & The Blabblers?

What on Earth was Going On in the 1800s?! (for your consideration)