July 12, 2020

The Blabblers Say The Grabblers Are Coming For Our Children

H1N1 found in a pig in China!
Bunny Ebola is coming to town!
The Bubonic Plague hits Mongolia!
They Are Coming For Your Children

The Orthodox Nationalist on Khazaria
Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Research
Expedition Update Day 14 - Dana Durnford
Trump is in on the Covid Hoax, Nurse tells all
We the Government Are Your Only Source of Truth

E. Michael Jones Protests YouTube Ban - Kevin Barrett
The “Global Crisis needs Global Governance” Narrative

What Is National Socialism In Truth? - by Vertigo Politix
Studies show that whistleblowers are prone to "suicide"...
Freemason and Secret Society Expert James Robert Wright
Worldwide Population Being Tortured In Deep State Psyop
MASK OFF - The Artist as Warlord - COVID-NWO Agenda
Eminem ANTI-MASKER Rant - Are mandatory masks legal?!

The Age of The Pathogen
8 Videos & More
  UAP - Dan Dicks - Richie From Boston - Computing Forever -
Barricade Garage - Ice Age Farmer - Monika Schaefer - aplanetruth - Vinny Eastwood - Dana Durnford - Captain Ahab - Albert - Zeebra - Panzerfaust - Holly Woodrow? 

WHO are the Grabblers & The Blabblers?

 They Are Coming For Your Children ~ Full Length

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 Sit here with your mask on and obey
 Contaminating School Buses?

The “Biodiversity” Lie & Agenda 2030
To Get Everyone In Smart Cities

!!! Beware !!!
The Bubonic Plague hits Mongolia! One infected!!!!
Shut it down!
Bunny Ebola is coming to town! Stay inside!
H1N1 found in a pig in China! Put your mask on and keep it on; sleep with your mask! That's an order.
The NY Times explains all diseases: it's our fault! Got that? Repent!
"Unless we act, pandemics could become a new normal in this century." - Some false prophet at the United Nincompoops.
If and when the age of COVID comes to an end, don't be disappointed for we are at the dawning of...

The Age of The Pathogen!

This is the dawning of the Age of The Pathogen
Age of The Pathogen  Oooouuuu...
The Pathogen... The Pathogen...

Viruses and epidemics
Heighnesses and academics
Hypodermic needles in the haystack full of
Pathogens... The Pathogens
The Pathogens

Strategic Military Armaments in Residential Technologies
The “Global Crisis needs Global Governance” Narrative
 Computing Forever

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This video is a good recapitulation of the Plandemic with many references to the Rockefeller Lockstep narrative described 10 years ago. A review of General Gutless Guterres of the United Nincompoops and his bullshit speech.
United Nincompoops Secretarmy General Tony Gutless Guterres

Eminem has just proved he’s a complete idiot and may have in fact just brought a whole new meaning to the term “Covidiot”. In his latest attempt to regain some long lost accolades and attention the 47 year old rapper Eminem went on a rant against anti makers in his latest single titled "The Adventures of Moon Man & Slim Shady”. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth breaks down the lyrics one line at a time to show just how dumb this sad individual has become.

Brings New Meaning To Word “COVIDIOT”


Studies show that whistleblowers are prone to suicide...

Masks are mandatory in Kentucky and West Virginia.
Is mandatory even legal?!
Smarter Than Sheeple

Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Research
Expedition Update Day 14
 Dana Durnford
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"I never found a single spider web in the forest in 14 days, I saw a single little bee today among 1000s of flowers, it's so rare to find a bee in the wild. I also saw a freshwater bird I think was a loon.

In the last 14 days, and 100s of ponds, I only found 2 freshwater birds;  both  were loons. I do hear small birds in the forest but it's extremely rare to see one; its always the same species I hear. It's super lonely out here due to lack of life." - Dana Durnford

Check out comments.
Dana Durnford Would Destroy The Nuclear Industry
And So Would I

Monika Schaefer on COVID-NWO Agenda

 Iran admits serious damage to Natanz nuclear site.
Are Elite Jews Responsible for COVID-NWO?

A Listener Response to Kevin Barrett’s July 4, 2020 Interview: Monika Schaefer on COVID-NWO Agenda

By Esther Watcher

In listening to Monika Shaefer’s interview with Kevin Barrett I was struck by how difficult it is even in friendly precincts to discuss Jews in society today. One must constantly qualify the term “the Jews” by always explaining it refers to elite Jews, not your average, everyday Jew. It’s like whenever one discusses Jews, one needs a long list of caveats before even opening your mouth.

That said, however — among cognoscenti — I concur with Monika that at some point most Jews will go tribal on you, forever siding with their brethren, even though wealthy Jews will throw the rank and file among them under the bus whenever it suits them. Kevin said he had Jewish friends and seemed to imply Monika’s references to “the Jews” were overly broad brush strokes. I, too, have a good number of Jewish friends whom I love and trust, but these “noble Jews” if you will are I believe few and far between. Monika’s direct experience of years-long Jewish “friends” who when push came to shove turned on her would seem to be more the norm.

 And Why Are Such Questions "Unspeakable" Even Though
"Were Muslims Responsible for 9/11?" Is Acceptable?
Kevin Barrett


* Suggested by Panzerfaust *
  *Suggested by Captain Ahab *
This Well-Made: 22 minutes Vertigo-Politix video, in a very clear-way: Summarizes WHAT (((they))) really really Really DON'T want YOU to: SEE ... THINK ... and KNOW !!!

 What Is National Socialism In Truth" by Vertigo Politix
* Suggested by Albert *
Bombshell – Trump is in on the Covid Hoax, Nurse tells all
On July 11, 2020 By jackyukon

Worldwide Population Being Tortured In Deep State Psyop
StopTheCrime.net NEW

* Suggested by Panzerfaust *

A Darn Jackinda Box

We the Government Are Your Only Source of Truth
Welcome to The Great Reset

This video criticizes the Government overreactions and overreaching restrictions and LARPS and also is age-restricted so kids can’t see anything that criticizes the tales. The Government is your only source of truth. Tom Hanks spews absolute bullshit.

A Darn Jackinda Box came out of the same insane asylum as the Trudope so obviously this large-mouth bimbo is qualified to dictate what everybody in New Zioland should do! 

Freemason and Secret Society Expert James Robert Wright
on The Vinny Eastwood Show

Some of the statements from J.R. Wright:
  • Direct democracy is possible.
  • Monarchies are irrelevant now.
  • Apple is disgusting; Tim Cook has sold that place out.
  • Bill Gates has been found guilty before with Windows 95.
  • The US Congress is irrelevant and has been for a long time.
  • Netscape navigator lost out. Apple is no better than Microsoft.
"All the mayors, governors, health authorities, etc., in the US are having their Twitter accounts managed by an outside source. These officials are NOT writing what you read from them. This constitutes fraud and treason. It's basically "automated scripts running off of false data."

I don't believe Trump writes his own tweets either. It's all part of the global psyop as far as I'm concerned. What is Atturkey General William Zarr doing in the way of justice? Fuckall! So there you have it: FUCKALL & ANTIFUCKALL working together to create less than fuckall. And to think that people are going to sit and listen to these God damn assholes of astronomical proportions in yet another electoral campaign of infinite bullshit is enough to make you run for the hills and never look back. 

WHO are the Grabblers & The Blabblers?
Find Out Now!
Overcome Stress By Visualizing It As
A Greedy, Hook-Nosed Race Of Creatures

Bblissful Freedom from the Grabblers & The Blabblers

Light On The Horizon


Scorpio said...

Volt - thanks for posting that Orthodox Nationalist show from VOR as suggested by Panzer. Great info! I used to be a regular listener to VOR back in the day and knew several of the people involved. Mishko and Dietrick has a good thing going until Dietrick went through a nasty divorce and his ex-wife tried to Doxx him and get him fired from his job. The Edgar Steele debacle was the final nail in the coffin for VOR - sad.

Captain Ahab said...

Just to show an example of the sheer stupidity of this Coronahoax; while I was on the computer, I had the American Century Championship golf tournament from Lake Tahoe on the TV. It is a yearly golf tournament where all kinds of professional athletes participate.

Anyway, after these guys would make a put, they would 'tap elbows' instead of giving each other a 'high-five,' because, we all know, the 'virus' can't gather on your elbows, only your hands. And the other stupidity I noticed was, they have no fans on the golf course itself, but there are hundreds gathered on boats at certain holes; almost all the boats were packed with people- no masks, and no social distancing!

Of course, almost all of the people playing or involved with the tournament can't put 2 and 2 together and make those type of insights. Unbelievable!

Voltman said...

Scorpio said:
"Volt - thanks for posting that Orthodox Nationalist show from VOR as suggested by Panzer. Great info!"

You're welcome Scorpio, Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson seems quite knowledgeable, relevant and trustworthy.

Captain Ahab, I upgraded my post "Maxwell, Epstein and the Control of Science since WW2" by Amazing Polly with the Les Wexner video you suggested.

Head of the Snake - Wexner, Maxwell’s, Mossad & Mega Group Exposed - PVPGURL
* Suggested by Captain Ahab *

Captain Ahab said...


Anytime! Just look at me as an extra set of eyes! Since I lost my job due to this Coronabologna and my gym is closed, all I do is research on the internet. Take care!

Albert said...

Monika Did Very-Well with the "Muslim" KB !!! :-)

Fakk said...
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