July 05, 2020

Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2020.07.03

Monika Schaefer on COVID-NWO Agenda; Labeeb Uqdah and Rashid Dawud on BLM and Islam

Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, holds advanced degrees in English Literature, French Literature, and African Literature, and is the author of multiple books which deconstructs the "war on terror". Dr. Barrett has been a Muslim since 1993. Blacklisted from teaching in the University of Wisconsin system since 2006 for questioning the events of 9/11, Dr. Barrett now hosts radio shows and is a public speaker.


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Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

Is Kevin drinking more kool-aide than water lately? His purposeful ignorance has become laughable. It's like he has not read 1 page of the torah/old testament. Who owns 100% of the money printing? Who owns 97.5% of the media? Who wrote the hollow hoax fairytale? Who owns the porno industry? Who set up, planted the bombs, and pulled off 911? Jeeez Kevin, I'm glad it's not the Jews.
Please tell me, how many Jews Did Not warn people/Gentiles not to go into the towers, after being tipped off by ODIGO, Kevin? Let me help you with the correct answer: All The Jews Kevin. ALL OF THEM.

Albert said...

I am 45 minutes in ...

Monika did very Well in Rebutting this Arse-Hole-Creep's "Pilpul"-CRAP !!!

I suppose WHAT can we Expect from: A Ginger who has "con-verted" to Islam !!! ;-)

"Not ALL jews etc ..." -- Such OLD Baloney !!!

WHO can "Listen" to His "Show" !!! :-o

Albert said...

The Monika Portion Only goes till 56 minutes! :-)

Wow! -- Monika Did Really Really WELL in Rebutting His BS !!! :-)

-- certainly Better than I could have Done !!! :-)

I prefer to NOT Talk to Dis-Honest Arse-Holes ! ;-)

THANKS for Being Such a "SOLDIER" ... in Getting:

The TRUTH-Message OUT Monika !!! :-) :-) :-)